Comments - Toyota Reportedly Working on Supra Successor

Published: May 06, 2012
Description: Toyota clearly went through a drought period over the past several years. Since the discontinuation of the old Supra, MR2 Spyder and Celica, the Japanese automaker pretty much abandoned the sports car...
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Trent Griffin May 06, 2012
MR2 more than Supra....given the shape and drive train...v6 hybrid...sounds like this on a lengthened chassis enabling the LF-LC to share components and be cheap enough to be profitable....Toyota killing 2 birds with one precision stone.
wfdowns May 06, 2012
thats lexus, yes i know there toyota but still different branch. nothing to do with the convo about toyota
Jeremy Siebert May 06, 2012
The LFA was an exception? was the end of the drought.
wfdowns May 06, 2012
problem with it being a hybrid, there not porsche and they created the prius, enough said, make the car but dont call it a supra
Jackson Michael May 06, 2012
Lol Logan how can you say it would take away power? Have you heard of the Porsche 918?
Lambosvt May 06, 2012
Lambosvt May 06, 2012
Looks good
Lambosvt May 06, 2012
Is this car a tuner
Logan LeMonnier May 06, 2012
I get what he's saying. It would take away from the power of it. It would be ok if they could pull it off though
Jackson Michael May 06, 2012
And why is that Nick?
Brandon Lidy May 06, 2012
Yeah I think this is the third article I've read on successor. And then everyone whines about the possibility of it being a hybrid
Paul Trahan May 06, 2012
It's that time of the year go Supra rumors already? Time sure does fly.
Nick Sti May 06, 2012
I will hate it if they make it a hybrid and Eco-friendly
Adam Zarytsky May 08, 2012
Yes I've seen the ford GT, and that's I guess the closest you could come, but even that was changed. And I realize they want to sell cars, but with a car like the supra that's desired manly by tuners, I'm sure nobody would complain if it looked same
Cho Dan May 07, 2012
Isaac, hybrids are gasoline plus an alternative propulsion system. I know their heavy and had to tune but that wasn't the point I was making.
Devin Babyn May 07, 2012
Adam did you never see the Ford GT?
Jackson Michael May 07, 2012
But since the point of a company is to sell its product, they wouldn't do that
Adam Zarytsky May 06, 2012
... Think it would be a cool thing to try
Adam Zarytsky May 06, 2012
Once, just once! I want to see an automaker revive a car with a new engine and interior and driving dynamics, etc... But leave the exterior close to how it was. I'm sure many would complain that it doesn't look different or modern/updated, but I.....
Isaac Rezkalla May 06, 2012
Cho hybrids are heavy and hard to tune
Cho Dan May 06, 2012
Lucas, hybrids are gasoline.
Lucas Hill May 06, 2012
No stupid hybrids. Make it gasoline!
Drake Hughes May 06, 2012
IDK how, but I see Tesla
Corey Alan Kelley May 06, 2012
Just for those of you who can't read this isnt the concept for the supra... What Toyota should do is burn Nissan and just call the new supra the MKV and make it a mid-engine GT-R killing beast
Josh Knight May 06, 2012
That is a load of crap
Clint Edwards May 06, 2012
That's hideous. Let it rest in peace, don't dig it back up and make a frankenstein monster out of it.
gammo66 May 06, 2012
frnt looks like a crashed s2000
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
They should just let it die and create something new
Dave Stewart May 06, 2012
Just remake the old 98 body and restyle engine ad interior that or remake te old 2.0 supra and make it a 2jz sleeprr
Matt Piccolo May 06, 2012
I would rather them just let the supra be... Its the one amazing car they have to their name but The mr2 isn't bad either... Just leave it.. If they want to make a high end sports car for the Toyota name brand, come up with a new name... Let the supra be?,
Jerry Cole May 06, 2012
I do see some resemblance though, specifically the headlights and the shape of the nose
Isaac Rezkalla May 06, 2012
If is a hybrid then im out
Zachary Fix May 06, 2012
Laeve the supra in the past it was a great car this one look like every other Toyota now a day f@*% ugly
rockstarTc May 06, 2012
That looks so ugly i really hope it looks nothing like this, it will ruin the supra name
Logan LeMonnier May 06, 2012
So were the last ones
Paul Trahan May 06, 2012
These pics are a few years old.
Ethan Amo May 06, 2012
I think it looks good...I'd love to see the supra back into production
Description: Yes, Toyota is clearly working to bring some excitement to their lineup and with enthusiasm going strong for the GT-86, Motor Trend is reporting that Toyota is now considering a proper Supra replaceme...
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Paul Yaya Mondares May 07, 2012
Without all the profit from these "boring" cars, I think Toyota wouldn't have the money to fund the development and production of new sports cars.
Clint Edwards May 06, 2012
Yeah, I can't think of one new toyota I'd even be remotely interested in driving aside from the gt-86, and that was a joint venture with subaru. I really think they're making enough money to just not care anymore
wfdowns May 06, 2012
only car u named that we didnt get was that caldina witch was just a 5 door wagon with the powertrain of the celica gt4
Phillip Holbrook May 06, 2012
Then I guess the US won't get the new car either
wfdowns May 06, 2012
@puneet. proble with ur argument, there all old discontinued cars when we call them boring were reffering to the period after they killed there good cars, basically once they stopped making the supra toyota became a boring eco company, granted they now have the gt-86, but one model dosent change there boring image.
Puneet Dass May 06, 2012
Clearly those who can't put Toyota and excitement together in one sentence never got the chance to experience cars such as the supra, Levin/trueno, caldina gt-t's, etc just to name a few cars the USA never got whereas the rest of the world did.
Bijan Jahanpanah May 06, 2012
Let's see, Toyota does not have excitement. I put those 2 words in a sentence!
Matt Piccolo May 06, 2012
Ohhh good one pat!!! -_-
Patrick Schalk May 06, 2012
Haha Toyota and excitement don't belong in the same sentence.
Description: The GRMN (Gazoo Racing Meister of Nurburgring) has already undergone extensive testing so it makes sense for Toyota to make use of it. However, it's unlikely that the new car will have the '...
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Sasa Jungic Jul 24, 2012
Listen Toyota! Rwd DD4s turbo V6, manual and dual clutch trans, LSD, 400- 450 hp hybrid is ok as long it's manual and dual clutch and not cvt. cvt is for smaller cars like auris prius and yaris
quadrophine May 08, 2012
v6 is easier to place behind the front wheels. not quite as harmonious as an inline but you can still get the power out of it.
Alex Arvanitis May 07, 2012
No love for another i6? V6 is nice but where's the love for the 2jz? The mk's would have been much weaker if they were v6's. They'd sound way worse as well. I6's sound awesome
Michael Riley May 07, 2012
wtf? cvt? hybrid? awd???
Brandon Lidy May 07, 2012
MRS was a great car. Not the highest level of cool but hey.
wfdowns May 07, 2012
the mrs was still a fantastic car. must not have driven one, was still the basics of a mr2 just a convertable
Jackson Michael May 07, 2012
The MR2 was so cool until they tried to copy porsche
quadrophine May 06, 2012
seriously a tt v6 and rear wheel Dr is what we need. they could re work one of there 8s that would be pretty sweet too.
Tim Preisinger May 06, 2012
A RWD with a turbo V6 would be the only thing to even interest me slightly
David Pires-Ihsaan May 06, 2012
mr2's were great cars before they became convertibles. like the eclipse.
Abraham Mendoza May 06, 2012
It does right Nopistons?
Scott Gracey May 06, 2012
Cvt is really what kills it
Scott Gracey May 06, 2012
Love the supra, don't mind the mid mounted. Dont mind AWD, like the idea, lost me at CVT tho, 6 speed manny and or 6apeed with paddle shifters
quadrophine May 06, 2012
no awd... no cvt. we need a good fr drivetrain from our ricer friends with a decent 5 or 6 speed I'm sick of awd
Matt Piccolo May 06, 2012
Just let the supra be, it's the one good car they have to their name... If they want to take another go at making a high end sports car that could live up to what the supra was and still is, go ahead just leave the supra name to rest in peace as an amazing car... Start off with something brand new
No Pistons May 06, 2012
Sounds more like a mr2 replacement then a supra
David Pires-Ihsaan May 06, 2012
i can compete with the gtr, but that wont be its goal. it will try to be a crazily customizable machine like the r34. a car that isnt about breaking records, but having fun.. just like the ORIGINAL..
Alex Arvanitis May 06, 2012
It has to be all wheel drive to beat the gtr. It has to be hybrid to meet emissions and not upset toyota's loyalty base. Both are likely goals of the design team. Here comes another 3850lbs super machine that is nearly idiot proof while Eco?? Why.
Knox Ferraro May 06, 2012
Y'all realize all Supras ever made have 6 cylinder engines, right? And where turbos lag, batteries provide instant torque AND better gas mileage. As for the CVT, no. Just no.
Kyle Jasek May 06, 2012
Please don't make it a cvt, the most boring transmission in the world
Kevin Irish May 06, 2012
More than likely they'll use the hybrid setup as a performance enhancer. Adding instant torque for faster acceleration and handling, just like the new NSX.
Tomas Franquelli May 06, 2012
Lol. I forgot there's a reason I don't read the comments on CarBuzz. But good luck, Toyota, sounds risky but could be awesome.
Matt Moeller May 06, 2012
Unless it resembles a supra, comes with forced induction and carries the Supra name why even bother throwing the name around? I have proudly owned two turbo supras, last Toyota's I ever bought.
wfdowns May 06, 2012
thats basically all its gonna be a camry coupe. nice way to kill a ledgend toyota
Forrest Wood May 06, 2012
I would totally agree, I personally wouldn't even call it a sports car. It's a hybrid, it's in it's own personal category
Nick Sti May 06, 2012
WTF? All wheel drive V6 hybrid? Kill Toyota now, it just sounds like a Camry will come out of this
Ethan Amo May 06, 2012
I'm just sick and tired of automakers thinking hybrid systems work in sports cars, because they don't
Jon Ashley Jul 30, 2012
with this small mid engine platform, it should be used to bring back the MR2. Maybe use a turbocharged/tuned version of the flat 4 from the BRZ/GT?
Anthony Richardson May 14, 2012
They should have picked a better color besides that maroon for the first public showing prototype in my honest opinion.
shak May 09, 2012
put a top on it first
Paul Gladman May 07, 2012
belongs in a aquarium
Brandon Whybrew May 07, 2012
ugly remake of an r8. and yes supra have backseats. you must be thinking of a different car dave
wfdowns May 06, 2012
@ dave... what in th world have u never been in or seen a supra in real life??? the supra has rear seats 2 up front and a bench style in the rear.. so that would be 4 seats
Janak Solanki May 06, 2012
I think this looks unique. Looks pretty fresh instead of all the copy cat designs we see
Zach Paiz May 06, 2012
Oo hell no.....hell no!!! Toyota you better bitch slap whp designed this.. This is, dishonor to the supra name!
Dave Lewis May 06, 2012
Supra never had 4 seats. .
Tracy Keiser Dron May 06, 2012
Q-panel looks good.. Front needs a bit of restyling... Not bad!!
Phillip Holbrook May 06, 2012
Wait didn't the Supra have four seats?
Marcin Bednarski May 06, 2012
No it is not supra. It is frog killed by truck.
Peter Squire May 06, 2012
It's good to have new designs. And who cares if it's a hybrid.
Taylor Little May 06, 2012
I like it but I'm seeing some lotus in it.
Ray Garcia May 06, 2012
The front looks a cross between s200 and a wrx
Dave Lewis May 06, 2012
just needs the wheel arches filling and less plastic looking
Matt Piccolo May 06, 2012
Has a nice shape yo it, the lights are ugly and their is some black plastic or whatever that needs to go but it had a nice stance and shaoe
Mark A. Young May 06, 2012
How is it ugly? It looks good.
Phil Johnson May 06, 2012
Kinda looks like a Lotus/MR2/RX8
James Henry May 06, 2012
The first half looks like an r8 or that new Acura supercar
Alex Arvanitis May 06, 2012
Needs more mk4, less catfish
Brandon Lidy May 06, 2012
Looks like an mr2 follow up
Chris Clark May 06, 2012
How is that in any way a semi-copy of a lambo?!
Ahmed S Anwar Biru May 06, 2012
Semi-copy of Lamborghini!!
Patrick Joseph May 06, 2012
Under 60k. Even if it was under 30k I'd rather have something else.
Otnay Nat May 06, 2012
This is an ugly looking car !! For a supra replacement , Toyota should do better
Antonio Borja May 17, 2012
that is terrible. you guys are blind
Janak Solanki May 06, 2012
Pretty aggressive. I give it two thumbs up
gammo66 May 06, 2012
back end looks like the vantage zagato IMO
Peter Squire May 06, 2012
Possibly better than the old supra
Matt Piccolo May 06, 2012
Pretty nice shape to it, change the lights though... And if they want this to be a supra successor it should have a wing like the old supra, it was one of the things that made it a supra.... But they would have to change the shape cuz this would look bad with a spoiler.... So just don't use the supras name!!
Jerrod Swenson May 06, 2012
It has a shelf for your knickknacks over the wheels.
Jackson Michael May 06, 2012
Ya nick I can see that
wfdowns May 06, 2012
i agree this fits the mr2 line really well
Phillip Holbrook May 06, 2012
This would be a perfect MR2 replacement
Jackson Michael May 06, 2012
Cough cough Porsche 918
Brock Zager May 06, 2012
no hybrid and to be a supra it needs to be front engine
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
Not with sport I front of it they don't exist
Matt Sartori May 07, 2012
haha they drive on the wrong side.
Andy Coates May 07, 2012
The car's based on the Mk3 MR2 Roadster. The interior's just re-skinned, hence things like the passenger airbag outline and dash-top cubby box.
Tevin Xko Davis May 06, 2012
Well at least the wheel on the right side
Tracy Keiser Dron May 06, 2012
Passenger air bag should not be outlined... Though it'be less partsto replace (the whole dashboard) if you crash it, it's a bit outdated...
David Pires-Ihsaan May 06, 2012
gazoo racing is like brabus for Toyota. A Meister means one who is knowledgeable about something specified. yup. dictionary definition.
Kyle McCullough May 06, 2012
Wtf is a gazoo Meister?
David Pires-Ihsaan May 06, 2012
this is the GRMN (Gazoo Racing Meister of the Nurburgring) Concept. Not the new supra. Read the article...
Lee Gardner May 06, 2012
Right hand drive
Ben Norton May 06, 2012
I want them to take the last gen supra, and make it exactly the same but with better technology. Still a 6 speed. Still rwd. No hybrid
Nick Sti May 06, 2012
Automatic.... This is all depressing