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Published: May 06, 2012
Description: The green movement has slowly but surely become a force in the automotive industry. That same movement has not gained much ground in the world of semi trucks. Big rigs still get terrible mileage and r...
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Aaron Turpen Jun 07, 2012
Since the ton miles per gallon in a Prius is 20.5 (825 pound cargo capacity, 50mpg) and the ton miles per gallon in a big rig is 132 (22 ton cargo capacity at 6mpg), I think I'll take the nearly six and a half times more efficient big rig over your Prius. Thanks. :)
John Raymond May 07, 2012
Try 13 of a cummins ISx at mesilla valley I know I've done 9's with 38000 in the box
Michael Evans May 06, 2012
I'm a driver some trucks only average 5 mpg the industry avg is 6.7
balls deep May 06, 2012
try more like 6 to 8 mpg.
Clint Edwards May 06, 2012
Well considering you're hauling 80,000 lbs, 10mpg isn't too bad
Description: The Innovation Truck concept has been designed to both cut and clean its emissions. The Innovation Truck can lower its height while driving using air bladders to improve gas mileage. The concept also ...
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Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
We've been using blutech system for a few years now on company trucks it's nothing new
Michael Evans May 06, 2012
Yes sone not all trucks have to take the piss test
Jason Reimann May 06, 2012
Piss in cars. Woo!!
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
Your taking the piss
Description: The Volvo Ants concept is an electric big rig designed by Alex Marzo. Marzo's rig has the shape of an ant (check out its mandible) and is designed to carry several different loads at once to maxi...
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Paul Roberts Jul 04, 2012
Looks like a train. Mabye we should stop spending money developing designs like trains and just use fuel efficient trains
MERCEDES May 07, 2012
That just looks crap and propibly hasn't got any tracktion
drew May 06, 2012
they expect ice road truckers to drive this?
Trent Bourgeois May 06, 2012
This is 50% more efficient than anything else for big rigs. I saw this on the discovery channel
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
Erm question how do you drive it there's no windscreen
Lee Gardner May 06, 2012
Exactly what j thought
Description: When Mercedes isn't creating luxury vehicle, they're attempting to reinvent the semi truck as evidenced by the Aero Trailer. The Aero Trailer has a sleek and functional design. Its front air...
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Dale Schroeder May 08, 2012
It's pretty impressive when you can make a big rig look more desirable than most luxury cars.
Andy Arana May 06, 2012
The best one on here!
Devin Babyn May 06, 2012
Lee cabovers are more aerodynamic then whatever the other designs name is
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
Erm most trailers in the uk already have them
Lee Gardner May 06, 2012
Cabover as aerodynamic as a brick
eddy May 06, 2012
At least the taillights are better than the 5 in. tall taillights of todays big rigs.
Michael Evans May 06, 2012
Dot would love those
Forrest Wood May 06, 2012
I'd hate to have to replace one of those tail lights
Description: This conceptual Mazda big rig is something that all Prius purists can get behind. Designer Vyacheslav Kazarinov's curvy creation is almost entirely emission-less, drawing its power from a hybrid ...
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Ted Fernandez May 07, 2012
I like it! It reminds me of an Alienware PC.
Inderjot Sidhu May 07, 2012
What the hell? Looks like a reaper.
Steven Whowhat May 06, 2012
zorgs ? run!!!!!!
drew May 06, 2012
this is what a prius would look like if it was a truck
Michael Gallagher May 06, 2012
Looks like a futuristic train. Way too.. All over the place for my liking
Sam Oglesby May 06, 2012
Isn't this the back of it as the rear wheels are turning
Hunter Merrell May 06, 2012
I knew Mazda was in cahoots with the aliens.... It's only a matter of time now.....