Description: First off, don't be mistaken by the 'M' name; these are not the M3 and M5 high-performance models. However, M Performance Parts are basically custom designed pieces meant to give each m...
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Chris Penza May 06, 2012
I saw an m3 e46 towing coolers today. If u want to do that get a silverado
Description: Buyers can opt for an improved chassis as well as aerodynamic exterior pieces, cockpit and powertrain components. More specifically, both the 3 and 5 Series can be had with a set of new 20-inch forge...
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Alex Arvanitis May 06, 2012
Not a stripe car
Russell May 06, 2012
what BMW should do is make higher performance M cars.
John Serely May 06, 2012
I do not like the stripe...
Description: Also take notice of the red stripe placed at the top of the wheel that provides an easy visual indicator of the wheel's position. There's also a seven piece carbon fiber and Alcantara interi...
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Description: The way in which it works is that exhaust backpressure is reduced which in turn creates that improved noise while managing to avoid the droning noise that's often heard with some other aftermarke...
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Alex Arvanitis May 06, 2012
That's not a high tech muffler, it's a sport muffler. Drone comes from taking unrestricting back pressure too much causing turbulent air flow that literally beats against the muffler encasement. They just stopped short of that much reduction
John Hansell May 07, 2012
That stripe is terrible
jberaza May 06, 2012
get rid of the ricer stripe then it looks good.
Devin Babyn May 06, 2012
Damn those rims are awesome
Janak Solanki May 06, 2012
That car is pissed off!
Alex Bouckley May 06, 2012
They mean the new display not the actual thing
Alex Bouckley May 06, 2012
Heshoo, they aren't talking about iDrive smart one
Heshoo Hanna May 06, 2012
It's not new they had it nearly 10 years ago
Mitch Pchelarov May 06, 2012
That's the new iDrive display for the new models...
Andrew Hossann May 06, 2012
They come with iPads!?