Comments - Unique of the Week: 1963 Intermeccanica Apollo

Published: May 05, 2012
Description: When you hear the name 'Apollo', the first thing that may come to mind is the ancient Greek god. Most others will immediately associate it with the famous NASA space program that took astron...
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Josiah Fitch May 08, 2012
Might as well buy a xke series 1 for half the price.
John Serely May 05, 2012
That's what I thought, matty. It's my favorite car!
Buddy Robinson May 05, 2012
I'll be honest, never heard of it
Matty Michaels May 05, 2012
Or the Gumpert Apallo
Description: Back in the early 1960s, three young engineers fresh out of college had the dream to start a new car company, but with sort of a European flavor. Milt Brown, one of the founders, had the idea of build...
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Lou Guerrero May 05, 2012
Pretty ambitious.
Heath Clayton Cudiamat May 05, 2012
Wow, that's pretty sexy.
Josh Luman May 05, 2012
I agree. Pretty nice
Dustin Emerick May 05, 2012
I like it no bad at all
Description: Engineered by Brown himself, the design came courtesy from Ron Plescia, a friend of Brown. Crafted from aluminum, the car was powered by either a 215 cu in 3.5-liter or a 300 cu in 4.9-liter Buick V8 ...
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Description: It went on sale in that city as well for a base price of $6,000. However, financial difficulties forced the small and young automaker to halt production, but not before the Apollo was given some of th...
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Carlton Salmon May 06, 2012
Ditto the last comment
M 616 May 06, 2012
jag,mg & ferrari all in one
Logan Delony May 05, 2012
Looks like a jag e-type
Description: Normally when the cars arrived from Italy, they went straight to the Oakland factory for final assembly. Supposedly, seven cars were sold directly off the boat and were then completed by their owners....
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Description: That was in 1963 and in 2004 the storage unit was opened (it was declared abandoned). The Apollo was in decent condition and the seller bought the uncompleted project. After a breakdown of the work re...
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Carlton Salmon May 06, 2012
You're right, Craig. I see the nose of a Ferrari 275 GTB here.
Craig Lafey May 05, 2012
Agreed. And I see a little Ferrari in the front. Or is that just me?
John Serely May 05, 2012
I totally agree with you, mike
Lou Guerrero May 05, 2012
Totally. Although, the E type was arguably one of the best shapes of the 60s. Can't really blame them.
Mike Conrad May 05, 2012
Reminds me of an E-Type
Josh Knight May 05, 2012
Would work as a hatchback
Thomas Isnt Green May 05, 2012
Blurry fart pic
Quinn Conner May 06, 2012
You sir have an expensive car, now buy a good camera
David Griego May 05, 2012
Tri-power on an awesome engine, I'd scrap the car just for this engine.
Vince DeMasi May 05, 2012
Nice! Gotta love a V8