Comments - Tri-Wheel Auto Concepts

Published: May 05, 2012
Description: We know that the car of the future will be eco-friendly, but will it have three wheels instead of four? You've got to wonder about the future of the automotive tricycle after the recent sighting ...
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Adam Sampson May 07, 2012
Morgan 3 wheeler? :)
Adam Fox May 06, 2012
Agreed! The GX-3 concept came out right around the same time as the Peugeot, and looks damn good too!
Trent Griffin May 05, 2012
What about the T-Rex....or the VW-GX3? Both respectable....
Description: The Strike Trike from Design+Industry features a 1340cc from a Suzuki Hyabusa that is able to propel it from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The Strike's combination of a real-world engine and a simple d...
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MERCEDES May 07, 2012
Looks better than the reliant robin
Dave Stewart May 06, 2012
Very cool looking
Luke Murray May 06, 2012
Would surprise some people at the lights .......cya!
Chad Schley May 06, 2012
Looks like a t-Rex
Johnny Hoover May 05, 2012
Is it a rainy day car
Sampson Bracey May 05, 2012
Considering I take Bart everywhere I go, I want a car and motorcycle this would be my answer.
wfdowns May 05, 2012
no he could mean predictive text, there both still used on phones
Jackson Michael May 05, 2012
U think you mean autocorrect....
Sam Oglesby May 05, 2012
Costs stupid predictive text
Sam Oglesby May 05, 2012
I want it were do I sign I don't care how much it coats
Phillip Greene May 05, 2012
That actualy looks bad ass id drive it as daily
Flymcbean May 05, 2012
Seems possible Just as a "for fun" vehicle though
Description: Amadou Ba Ndiaye's i1 is a futuristic tricycle with a carbon fiber frame and three electric motors mounted in each wheel. The technology to develop something like this is probably within reach, b...
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Adam Fox May 06, 2012
I dunno... BMW does make some pretty sweet motorcycles in addition to their cars, so putting together a trike wouldn't really be much of a stretch in my opinion.
Quinn Shannon May 05, 2012
Just a nice blurry pic.
Jackson Michael May 05, 2012
The grille just looks retarded
Sam Oglesby May 05, 2012
I guess the camera moved faster than the car
Quinn Conner May 06, 2012
That's normally how 3 wheeled concepts end up looking
Avery Williams May 05, 2012
That looks sweet.
Description: Honda is attempting to show Smart who really runs the small car scene with the 3R-C concept. This concept debuted at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and immediately failed to take the world by storm. Still...
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MERCEDES May 07, 2012
That is really odd
Luke Murray May 06, 2012
Never mind how do you see how do you get in lool
Carlton Salmon May 06, 2012
Zero forward visibility. And this is the future?!
Tomas Franquelli May 06, 2012
awesome looking, though.
Ben Norton May 05, 2012
Or maybe you see out of the big clear bubble at the top, where the steering wheel is. Just a possibility
Adam Page May 05, 2012
Or a bad connection...
Raymond Reynoso May 05, 2012
If the cameras go out, the power went out, seeing that it's battery powered as stated in the article.
Inderjot Sidhu May 05, 2012
What if the camera goes out?? Then you're screwed lol.
Taylor Little May 05, 2012
Cameras and a screen in the cab.
Jackson Michael May 05, 2012
No it's not, I'm 100% sure there's a way to see out lol
Lucas Hill May 05, 2012
That's a good point
Sam Oglesby May 05, 2012
How do you see where your going
Description: Why the Peugeot 20Cup hasn't been put into production is beyond me. This tricycle bears a striking resemblance to the MX-5 in the front, but all similarities end their when you work your way arou...
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Quinn Conner May 06, 2012
One girl 20 cup?
Raymond Reynoso May 05, 2012
All similarities do not end THERE
Ray Garcia May 06, 2012
Lmao its half of a car
Dave Stewart May 06, 2012
Te front is gorgeous
wfdowns May 06, 2012
maybe 3wd? but since its a pugeot prob fwd as odd as that would be
Skylar Grout May 06, 2012
Lol one wheel drive
Eric Michalak May 05, 2012
I don't think it does and I see the front of an S2000 every day. Cool as hell though.
Andrew Hossann May 05, 2012
It kinda looks like an s200
Zach Sullivan May 05, 2012
I'm pretty sure I read an article on this a few years back and i think it has about the same power:weight ratio as a viper
Jerrod Swenson May 05, 2012
It looks like they started off strong but halfway through figured "ehh... good enough".
Byakka Hirakawa May 05, 2012
Reminds me of a sterling moss
Isaac Rezkalla May 05, 2012
It looks like a good track car
Inderjot Sidhu May 05, 2012
Nice face but ugly ass.
Jason Davis May 05, 2012
Im sold. this is awesome.
Max Delena May 05, 2012
It's half of a dodge viper
Jackson Michael May 05, 2012
Nice one Peugeot!
Sam Oglesby May 05, 2012
Well I guess they have sold 4 then if they ever make it