Description: Ferrari's successor to the Challenge Stradale, the F430 Scuderia, has received a bold look and a new set of shoes, thanks to the guys over at ADV.1 Wheels. The Ferrari F430 Scuderia is best known...
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Brian Micinski May 06, 2012
Their not bad. Just get tired of seein articles were some random company add only rims or a repaint to a supercar And then they'll say oh it's limited to 5 orders like its some big deal. If all u did was change the rims, paint stripes no one cares
Buddy Robinson May 06, 2012
go to the media gallery on, come back, then tell me they're not awesome
Brian Micinski May 05, 2012
Wow they repainted a little, and managed to change its tires and rims! Gosh their so talented!
Chris Penza May 05, 2012
I hate how almost no racing games have the 430 scuderia, and in forza 4 it's nearly impossible to get
Description: The F430 Scuderia seen here, finished in yellow with black stripes, carries a set of ultra-light ADV05 Track Spec SL wheels, measuring 20 x 9.5 and 21 x 12.5 in a staggered setup. The centers have bee...
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Roberto Maldonado May 05, 2012
What an offset in the back. :-O
Shawn Sullivan May 05, 2012
That looks awesome!
Harleigh Savanna Border May 05, 2012
Always been my favourite car
Dale Fredriks May 06, 2012
I feel like I've seen this paint scheme on a 430 Scuderia many times.
Zee Kazi May 05, 2012
The 458 was in a Transformers movie I believe. It was so out of place because it outclassed everything on the screen lol
Thibault Leroy May 05, 2012
na the 458 is too sleek for that movie
Eric Alcantar May 05, 2012
Hell no, tha 458 was tha best Ferrari for that movie.
Ian Barger May 05, 2012
They should use this in the transformers movies instead of the stupid camaro! Haha
Domi Bsaibes May 05, 2012
Are u kiddin me?? Nice choice lee!
Taylor Little May 05, 2012
Wouldn't say worst ever. But not good at all.
Chris Penza May 05, 2012
That is the worst song ever
Lee Gardner May 05, 2012
Black and yellow black and yellow !! Ah ha you know what is
Patrick Joseph May 05, 2012
I agree. All ferraris should be red.
Brandon Carr May 05, 2012
Ehhh, looks alright. I like the classic Ferrari red though
Tevin Xko Davis May 05, 2012
Got car look saying what's up lol
Brandon Carr May 05, 2012
Jeez those are some huge brakes