Comments - 2014 BMW M4 Coupe Speculatively Rendered

Published: May 05, 2012
Description: Production of the current E92 M3 Coupe will end in the middle of next year, and its successor is expected in 2014 boasting a model name change. Similar to Audi's A4 sedan and A5 coupe, BMW will d...
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Adam Zarytsky May 06, 2012
@Tim where did I say it wasn't going to be an amazing car? I'm sure it will be, I just feel there's no need for it to share a name with a common type of weapon. It's kind of cool, but slightly confusing
wfdowns May 06, 2012
aislin are u aware that the 3 series is only gonna be a sedan now, 4 series is gonna be the coupe
Aislin Cooper May 06, 2012
Actually nevermind the M3 is a classic name. I agree with making the sedan a 4-Series
Aislin Cooper May 06, 2012
I think it's a fine idea personally
Kenneth Williams May 06, 2012
Ok I don't like that. Just keep it as the 3. I understand doing it with the regular models to an extent but not the M.
TimEngland May 06, 2012
who cares what its called? Yeah I agree M4 is a bit weird for a car, being that it's a gun and all, but its still going to be an amazing car. You can always de-badge it, makes everything look cleaner anyway.
Adam Zarytsky May 05, 2012
I'm no super American guy... There's a Korean, Japanese, and German car in my family. But I have a problem with it being called an M4; leave that to the rifle
Paul Lissona May 05, 2012
Keep it a 3 series there's no problem with that
Patrick Joseph May 05, 2012
I'm still hoping this is some kind of joke.
Heshoo Hanna May 05, 2012
Pointless if no one knows exactly how a 4 series would look like
Nate Heldman May 05, 2012
how's this for a reason? the 6 is a coupe. the 8 was a coupe
Description: These renderings, via automotive artist Iacoski, demonstrate one interpretation of the 2014 M4 coupe, based largely on spy shots of the new 4-series coupe but with some added 'M' styling. Sp...
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Alex Bouckley May 06, 2012
Carbuzz is pulling our sleeve
Bright Spark May 06, 2012
So technically the new //M3 but instead they call it //M4
Luke Murray May 06, 2012
Like that front bumper
Kevin Irish May 05, 2012
The black part between the grille and headlights is part of the headlight. The new 3 series (I think) has the headlights stretched to touch the grille to give the car a wider look. Personally I think they could have done better with it. It looks like a last minute add-on, not something that was sculpted into the design.
wfdowns May 05, 2012
jerry there not giving them away there will still be an m3 just no longer an m3 coupe just 4door, simply any 3 series varient that was a coupe will be a 4 series now, no more 3 series coupe of any kind. again stupid idea in my book
Jerry Cole May 05, 2012
If u want a 4 door M3, just get an M5.. And it's stupid that they're giving The M3 the M4 name...
Abraham Mendoza May 05, 2012
I was gonna say the same thing wfdowns, but in a more confusing way.
Den Zo May 05, 2012
I like this a lot! There is something about this that makes me think of the i8, and I like it!
wfdowns May 05, 2012
im guessing its because audi did it with the a4 and a5 so bmw thinks its a good idea, i find it stupid, its the same car just less doors seems like a waste of a model to me
John Serely May 05, 2012
I was just going to say that, Nick
Tin Nguyen May 05, 2012
I don't understand the purpose of a 4 series. The 1 series made sense but 4... Hmmmm.
Nick Benz May 05, 2012
*Mohamed sorry dog
Nick Benz May 05, 2012
Mohammed you must be new here. Renderings means that its from someone who says, "Hmm i think it will look like this". Plus it says that in the article...
wfdowns May 05, 2012
the 1m deffinatly does not have any open gap between the grill and headlights
Mohamed Takkouch May 05, 2012
3 series with body kit. Expect so much more from BMW.
Marcin Bednarski May 05, 2012
Bravo !!!! Designer from Poland made a good job.
Chris Penza May 05, 2012
Really good looking
Heshoo Hanna May 05, 2012
The gaps come from the 1m
Byron Borggard May 05, 2012
That looks mean!
Max Delena May 05, 2012
I'm pretty sure those are air intakes, but the car looks great
wfdowns May 05, 2012
im with derek i like that gap betwee the headlights ad grill.. now it dosent look like every other bmw
ojdj May 05, 2012
Like everything about it
Derek Hedtke May 05, 2012
i can't disagree more. i think it looks great
John Serely May 05, 2012
I don't like the black thing between the headlights and the grill
Ryan Delano Thomas May 07, 2012
This is NOT what te m4 will look like
Kenneth Williams May 06, 2012
This is freakin sweet. Props to the whoever rendered it
Abraham Mendoza May 05, 2012
I bet when I say "I'm gonna go pick up my M4." people will think I'm gonna get a rifle. It's a bad name.
wfdowns May 05, 2012
yea but that wont happen logan cause then it would be a 3 series
Logan LeMonnier May 05, 2012
I'd love this in a sedan
Stephen Krane May 05, 2012
What did you expect a completely different car, most restyled are just a little updating
Dylan Moss May 05, 2012
This is so dumb its just a 2013 M3. Nothing more, nothing less, just a little body modifications. But I have always loved the 3. This looks good.
Chris Penza May 05, 2012
Not too much of a change, but I'm not saying that's a bad thing
Kiran Ravindra May 05, 2012
I see some 2000-02 era styling here, and absolutely love it. I've always thought they should have a model that mixes their slightly older models' styling with the new, larger body.
Max Delena May 05, 2012
Needs a bigger bump on the hood like the m3, it looks so good with that bump
wfdowns May 05, 2012
what are u on danial, all the spy photos look nothing like a 6 series, they all look like a 3 series with a 1 series back end
Carlton Salmon May 05, 2012
Ditto the previous statements
Avery Williams May 05, 2012
I hope it looks like this!
Rudolf Dassler May 05, 2012
This is a great rendering. Love the look of it!
Peter Papen May 06, 2012
It's the 5 series. Then again, it's only a rendering from some dude. So no worries. I don't think BMW will do the same as Audi and make all models look the same and have the same stylistic elements..
Rithhin Jawahar May 06, 2012
BMW needs to stop making their line up of cars look so similar to each other. That's the 5 series tail lights btw...
Jerry Cole May 05, 2012
Reminds me of the X6's rear
wfdowns May 05, 2012
same gives it a more menacing look
Sean Carter May 11, 2012
That looks mean & hot
Tanner Middleton May 06, 2012
i never see bmw's in red! this looks gorgeous!
Domenic Sergi May 06, 2012
That is great looking. I'd get one an put the M3 badge on it out of spite.
Kenneth Williams May 06, 2012
Yes yes. Living that red
Carlton Salmon May 06, 2012
Should be, James. The entire roof is carbon fibre.
James Patrick Delaney May 05, 2012
I don't care what they're trying to call this car it looks great with this red. Is the whole roof black?
John Serely May 05, 2012
Looks better in red
Luke Murray May 06, 2012
Yeah this does it for me!
Carlton Salmon May 06, 2012
The car looks great in this shade of blue. Would love to have seen what it looks like in Carbon Black.