Comments - 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Heading to Monaco Auction

Published: May 05, 2012
Description: An utterly iconic shape that some say defined the shape of 1930's sports cars, the Mercedes-Benz 540K was equally well equipped to fend off any of its European rivals when it landed, boasting a 1...
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Jason Levy May 06, 2012
Wow talk about an efficient engine
Description: This particular model represents one of only six 540K Sport Cabriolet models, distinguished by an exceptionally low windshield and long open wings. Its definitive style was set by Mercedes-Benz in-hou...
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Description: These include a no-expense-spared, two-year 100-point restoration, which included completely disassembling and stripping the car, before methodically rebuilding and restoring every part. The exterior ...
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Description: RM Auctions has put a €2 - €2.4 million estimate on this masterpiece of 1930's style and engineering, which will go under the hammer on 12 May at the Monaco Auction.
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Bob Turefannt May 05, 2012
If only Morgan could make car at this level I would buy one.
Dave Stewart May 05, 2012
That's amazing how it looked then it would be nice now wish we made things to that standard and quality these days :/
Craig Lafey May 05, 2012
Not a fan of old cars like these but this absolutely beautiful.
Avery Williams May 05, 2012
@Adeel That's cool man!
Rudolf Dassler May 05, 2012
Can't stop looking at these pics. So beautiful, other cars don't even come close. I wish I had that kind of money to spend...
Dustin Emerick May 05, 2012
Just a beautiful car
Patrick Joseph May 05, 2012
It happens to me all the time...
Quinn Shannon May 05, 2012
Just in case you blow two tires......
Knox Ferraro May 05, 2012
I love those double spares.
Inderjot Sidhu May 05, 2012
Wow that interior is beautiful. Especially for a car that was made about 80 years ago.
jberaza May 05, 2012
its funny how this interior is so much better than newer cars.
James Patrick Delaney May 05, 2012
That's class, what a great looking interior
Ben Norton May 06, 2012
You're right Brandon
Brandon Lidy May 06, 2012
Maybe the 4th gear, top right I think, wa used as a cruising gear at higher speeds. Similar to modern cara equipped with 7 gears
Josh Bonhoff May 05, 2012
Check out that crazy gear pattern. What's up with that.