Description: Evidently, there are no bounds to what Guinness will recognize as an official world record with the fastest motorized toilet falling well within their remit. No wonder the book never stops growing.
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Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 05, 2012
Guiness world record is nothing but a money hungry business. They will approve anything just so they can get your $700 for the world record application
Taggart Wilber May 05, 2012
Dude I love that song. I think it is by BOND. Best pandora station ever
George Feghali May 04, 2012
Useless stuff. Next world record, running with scisors. Get a african skinny duse with a pair of scisirs and then well talk
Logan Delony May 04, 2012
I believe your question should and why would they NOT make this ;)
Joe Fats Harper May 04, 2012
Aaand the reason for doing this is??
Thomas Trudzinski May 04, 2012
So when a contractor delivers the toilet to a house and uses the highway.... He just whooped you.
Adam Page May 04, 2012
I'm going to install a toilet on top of my car and break their record...
Trent Bourgeois May 04, 2012
It's just a go cart with a toilet as the seat
Nick Schnee May 04, 2012
LOL @ the soundtrack.
Pratik Parija May 04, 2012
C'mon what's up with that soundtrack? Lol
Kabab Mashwi May 04, 2012
if it aws a usable toilet thenit i will be great
Description: Jolene Van Vugt was chosen to pilot the latest toilet go-kart contraption at Sydney Olympic Park in Australia, flushing the previous record away by a sizeable 4.3mph, topping out at 46.6mph (75km/...
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James Mcmahon May 05, 2012
I wish the series wasnt cancelled anyone know why?
Devin Babyn May 04, 2012
NITRO CIRCUS!!!! Can't wait for their movie it's gonna be awesome
Andrew Grimm May 04, 2012
I absolutely love Jolene!
Description: "It was super fun and it's always cool to work towards a Guinness World Record and what more could a girl ask for then a world record on a toilet! lol". Van Vugt now has three world rec...
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Greg Lewis May 04, 2012
She's a keeper! Her bathroom trips would be like a NASCAR pit stop!
Nick Sti May 04, 2012
A world record in the kitchen?