Description: Get ready for a treat as Porsche has just revealed a five-pack of videos that gives a unique look into what goes down at the Porsche Experience Center at Silverstone. There's currently three such...
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Michael Beach May 04, 2012
So this is basically a driving school with a Porsche line up? How much does it cost?
Description: First up, there's a quick look at the 'Kick Plate,' a device that when driven over sends the car into a spin across a slippery surface, used to teach drivers how to control their Porsch...
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Brock Zager May 05, 2012
how old do u have to be BMW has one when ur 15 u can go i am going in july before i get my M3 now since i mentioned i am getting a M3 everone is going to be like u dont have 2 lie
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria May 05, 2012
Really cool, I could do that all day
Description: The Low Friction Surface gives drivers the chance to test how traction control systems can aid them, and generally explore car control.
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Description: Off-roading is not something you'd normally associate with Porsche; nevertheless the Porsche Experience Center has a dedicated Off Road Track, designed to test the capabilities of the Cayenne in ...
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Den Zo May 04, 2012
Offroad? On compacted smooth big rocks? Haha
Jack Hufford May 04, 2012
It's true. They should be using a true off road suv, but I understand why they are using the porche.
Mikey Jimenez May 04, 2012
Ya it kind of does...He's OFF the ROAD isn't he lol.
Andrew Hossann May 04, 2012
It doesn't count as off-roading if you are going 3 mph
Kabab Mashwi May 04, 2012
a 400 bhp car could barely climb something this steep
Wilson LaFaver May 04, 2012
How much crap would u get it if that rolled lol
Description: The Handling Circuit is designed to simulate a British B-road with camber corners and blind crests, allowing drivers to deal with oversteer and further develop car control.
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Thibault Leroy May 04, 2012
mine is the LM002
John Serely May 04, 2012
@kabab yep it's pretty damn good. In my top 4 SUVs
Kabab Mashwi May 04, 2012
my favourite suv
Description: Finally, the 7% incline ice hill simulates black ice and gives drivers the opportunity to test out the Porsche's technological features. Porsche lovers & owners or anyone wanting to hone thei...
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Bob Jones May 04, 2012
Don't all modern cars have abs?
Quinn Conner May 04, 2012
That one did at least. You can see the abs being activated. Abs won't save you on ice with performance tires. Throttle control, engine braking, and steering input is what is required for ice. Not braking eventhough one would want to stop
Jack Hufford May 04, 2012
I forget: Do porches have anti lock?
Mathew Beames May 04, 2012
One of your best articles.