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Published: May 04, 2012
Description: Cars designed after animals have been popular for quite some time, but it is the insect kingdom that may soon rule the roads of the future. A bulldozer designed after an ant or a city-car designed to ...
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John Serely May 04, 2012
@quinn I think I know what your talking about. That is not a concept, they are actually making it. As the title says, this is a list of concepts
Quinn Conner May 04, 2012
Surprised the mobile home that looks like a praying mantis isn't on here. That one is exceptional looking!
Description: The Insecta concept car is a grasshopper-inspired EV. Taiwanese designer Shao Yung Yeh's concept seats one and features a fully transparent exterior. The Insecta is described by its designer as a...
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Brian Micinski May 04, 2012
You can fit 2 people on a moped or motorcycle. You have an emergency and have to pick someone up but took this out ur screwed. Gotta go back home and get something bigger then go out to get them. Seems like an inconvience
Kenneth Williams May 04, 2012
Exactly. Great for shorter distances.
Phillip Greene May 04, 2012
Thats acualy kinda cool like an aternative to a moped pr a bike
Brian Micinski May 04, 2012
Stupid. What's the point in seating one. Can't even take a date out? Or pick someone up from school or work?
Description: Mohammad Ghezel's insect-inspired bus concept seems to share more in common with the title character of the film "Aliens" than with any actual insect. The bus is powered by eight in-whe...
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Inderjot Sidhu May 05, 2012
Lol black honda always has the best comments
Pompey Paul May 05, 2012
How is that a buggy
George Feghali May 04, 2012
Reminds me of the back of the cad cts
Kenneth Williams May 04, 2012
Is this the front? Tell me it's backwards please. It's ugly
Mark A. Young May 04, 2012
Hahaha. Black Honda. Ever makes any sense.
codymustang May 04, 2012
i have never seen something so ugly before. who designed this and said "yes now there is a good looking car"?
Black Honda May 04, 2012
not look good in picture. look like woman boob rocket.
Jonathan Vu May 05, 2012
This thing has got to be big
Description: The Marauder Dozer is not a vehicle meant for public consumption per se, but it had to be included on this list just for the sheer shock value. Designer Jon Poper created the Marauder Dozer in the ima...
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Pompey Paul May 05, 2012
Yea just in ant form :)
Den Zo May 04, 2012
Star Wars comes to mind... Those huge, legged robot things I can't remember the name of...
Rockesh Boulder May 04, 2012
Lol, replacement for CAT bulldozers and Uminogs everywhere!
David Justice May 04, 2012
Perfect for Hoth!
Hunter Ramsden May 04, 2012
It's awesome but seems big
Kenneth Williams May 04, 2012
??? Very different. I can see it but is all that necessary?
Cody Matthews May 04, 2012
??? What??? VvvV
Black Honda May 04, 2012
i dont like orange a ant truck. i deaf. i looking that so picture stupid 2019.
Description: America's highways would be less smoggy if Alex Marzo's Volvo Ants concept carried the country's cargo. The Volvo Ants concept is an ant-inspired (obviously) big rig powered solely by e...
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Antonio Falsetti May 05, 2012
Why not design something normal looking?