Comments - Brabus Mercedes-Benz E-Class Technology Project Hybrid

Published: May 04, 2012
Description: Better known for their monster tuning programs with V12 engines capable of several hundred horses and torque north of 1,000lb-ft, Brabus has decided to delve into new waters by developing an eco-frien...
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Muhammad Nur Firdaus Nasir Jun 09, 2012
Nice! could be my next hybrid.. :)
Cobus Van Belkum May 05, 2012
Now we are getting somewere!
Description: According to Protean Electric, fuel economy is apparently boosted by up to 30 percent using the electric motors in applications such as the Technology Project Hybrid. Brabus didn't confirm these ...
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Description: Ferrari recently announced plans of a front- and mid-engine V12 HY-KERS system for future hybrid cars, and with Brabus now getting in on the act the era of high-performance hybrids is very much upon u...
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Nick Schnee May 04, 2012
Never really liked the E-class :/ it looks so... Outdated.
John Serely May 04, 2012
I do not like the rims
Igor Natsioks May 04, 2012
Nice daily driver