Description: Armored vehicles are not as rare as they used to be. It seems that from pop stars through drug runners to government contractors, people from all walks of life and from across the globe deem a defensi...
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Description: The weaponized Porsche Cayenne was built by International Armoring Corporation and retrofitted for offensive weapons by Red Jacket Firearms (of Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns fame). First up th...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 05, 2012
:waves the american flag:
Den Zo May 04, 2012
Only In America...
wfdowns May 04, 2012
the claymores dint blow up anything, the pressure from the explosion blew out the back window only
Ben Arends May 04, 2012
I prefer "the jackals" 50-cal minivan; remote control targeting system; two-layer removable paint; actuator arms & tripod. Thousands of rounds. That thing is beast! This is cool though.
Adam Page May 04, 2012
Too bad the Claymores blew up the rear of the car...
Andrew McNeal May 04, 2012
$158k is cheap for an armored Porsche Cayenne, nevermind one that's outfitted for James Bond this is awesome!
Clint Edwards May 04, 2012
Yeah, I just saw this the other day
John Serely May 04, 2012
Lol I watched this episode
Description: To deal with any trouble from the back, a third M-16 was hidden behind the flip-down license plate, while aerial threats can be neutralized using two 3-inch steel tubes capable of firing Claymore-like...
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Dihan Peiris May 05, 2012
Anyone can fix a M 16 to their rear license plate. There's nothing special about this car. :( plus this stunt! We see it all the time in movies. !!
Derek Hedtke May 05, 2012
yeah the panther was a version of the panzer
Samuel Bonorden May 05, 2012
Matthew actually there is a panther tank so who's laughing now.
Andrew McNeal May 04, 2012
It's an armored car, not a tank. It's meant to stop bullets, not artillery shells lol. It could take a 9mm or .45 round easy, maybe up to a .50 BMG. But even a WWII era 57mm shell would blow this to pieces.
Matthew Crighton May 04, 2012
Hektor, its the Panzer not the panther hahaha fail. ,
Hektor Yberg May 04, 2012
There was something very similar to this in the 40s, it was called the panther!
Nick Schnee May 04, 2012
I seriously doubt it can withstand the shots of a Yak-9 45mm.
Nick Benz May 04, 2012
Not really. Drop a JDAM on this bitch and it would be gone.
Chris Penza May 04, 2012
If this thing was around when hitler was in power we'd all be SCREWED
Description: The firepower is controlled from a central control panel, which is concealed in the Cayenne's stock console, giving both the driver and passenger access to fire the weapons as they see fit. Final...
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Description: Although you'll need a specialist license to drive a weaponized Porsche, in theory anyone can buy one. So, if you're looking to overthrow a small government or start your own version of the ...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 05, 2012
Hmmm :Scratches goatee: