Description: Some of you CarBuzz loyalists may remember the incredible Italian flag-wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia from back in November of last year. The Italian flag wrap was commissioned by a Swedish Ferrari owner ...
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Melvin Cerrillo May 31, 2012
Haha. Call me a loyalist
Paul Lissona May 31, 2012
I'm part Italian so it's interesting haha.
John Serely May 31, 2012
Same here, thibualt haha
Esam Mohammad May 31, 2012
I can't believe it's been a year !! Time is flying
Thibault Leroy May 31, 2012
haha it felt like i read this article just yesterday :)
Edin Beka May 31, 2012
Me tooooo! I feel special hahahaha :)
rockstarTc May 31, 2012
I remember it, i feel special now!!
Description: The Italian supercar features Nero Daytona styling and a beige leather trim complete with carbon fiber pieces, Alcantara and racing seats. It sits on a set of 20-inch wheels. The Ferrari 458 Italia is...
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Emil Kleijsen Jun 04, 2012
I live like 20 minutes from malmo, well, I know what I'm doing this weekend
Das Stig Jun 01, 2012
haha Joe, I put this on my f50 in forza 3.
Luis Daniel Angilello May 31, 2012
Oooor..... : "we sold the car to a Mexican druglord and he wanted his Ferrari wrapped in the Mexican flag"
Luis Daniel Angilello May 31, 2012
Owner: ""well, we wanted to show the Italian side of the car since the name "Ferrari 458 Italia" is not italian enough""
Joe Criscione May 31, 2012
Copied my forza paint job. Wait, mine looks better.
Pablo Herasme May 31, 2012
What was the last time we saw a green ferrari
John Serely May 31, 2012
There are parking sensors on the red side, Sam but they are blurry in this picture
Maximilian Steiner May 31, 2012
There are also some sensors on the red side
Sam Oglesby May 31, 2012
Why does it have parking sensors on the green side but not the white or red and why is the red side a bit distorted around the front and the rest perfect
Thibault Leroy May 31, 2012
i like it but its more of a showroom car because the matt paint has to be cleaned all the time
Nick Yekikian Jun 01, 2012
Too bad that's only the ugliest livery I've ever seen on a Ferrari...
Donte Perino May 31, 2012
I actually like the green.
Oscar Galvan May 31, 2012
I'll take it in a heartbeat
John Serely May 31, 2012
Same here, josh. I would not want it, but it is cool IMO
Josh Knight May 31, 2012
I think it's pretty cool
Conrad Reeves May 31, 2012
Just as gay as american flag wrapped camaros
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin May 31, 2012
Too loud, plus im a solid color man
Michael J Romano May 31, 2012
Why is it a lime green lol
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen May 31, 2012
Still cool tough
Mark Donnelly May 31, 2012
i would prefer if it was painted instead of wrapped and if u can get it in a more glossy or metallic than matte looking wrapping
Mark Reider May 31, 2012
David Banner would drive this, just kidding. Looks cool in this color, needs more of a glossy finish though.
Alex Semaan May 31, 2012
Don't be a douche jon
Jon Wheel May 31, 2012
What's a "Masarati"
Chris Penza May 31, 2012
I see what you did there
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak May 31, 2012
Must be fuel efficient
Esam Mohammad May 31, 2012
It looks totally green from this side
Devin Mortenson Jun 01, 2012
Where is this because I have friend who went to a Ferrari dealership in Europe two days ago
Mark Reider May 31, 2012
Is that a Porsche carrera GT in the back ground, that's my choice.
Cam Heaney May 31, 2012
Are you kidding?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen May 31, 2012
I would rather have that GranTurismo in the background tough.
Thibault Leroy May 31, 2012
an all matt red 458 would look awesome
Edin Beka May 31, 2012
This would look better if it were full matte red tbh.
Danyaal Farooq May 31, 2012
That's what she said :DDD
Sam Oglesby May 31, 2012
It looks so small
Thibault Leroy Jun 01, 2012
well im on my ipod and the one on the right really does look blue but then i went on my computer and yea its green :p
Anders Schrøder Jun 01, 2012
Looks pretty grene to me. Could be a poor calibration of your screens ;)
Antonio Falsetti May 31, 2012
He means the green looks almost blue. Which it does you meatheads.
Brad Wood May 31, 2012
Thibault, you are bringing shame to your French name. It's Italian bros
Ryan Cardone May 31, 2012
Either your screen is not calibrated right or you're partially color blind. Looks like the Italian flag to me.
Thibault Leroy May 31, 2012
the flag on the right looks like a french flag
Tara Fitria May 31, 2012
Looks like a skinned camel spider
Ryan Cardone May 31, 2012
They make something as simple as a steering wheel look badazz. Great coach builders.
John Serely May 31, 2012
Love the interior
Todd Muhlfelder May 31, 2012
Rotors look like someone was having fun
NalaKing May 31, 2012
Awesome.. You can show it off at facebook and bluff that you have three 458 Italia. One white, one green and one red. Take the picture from three different angle. ^^
Matthew Crighton May 31, 2012
@Ben. If u read the first couple pages it tells u why they made another article.
Dale Fredriks May 31, 2012
I actually happen to really like the look of the California. That, the F40 and the F60/Enzo are the best looking I think. Close behind those is the 575 Maranello. Worst is definitely the FF, and second is the (hatred coming for me) F12 Berlinetta.
Ryan Cardone May 31, 2012
Typically pictures never do cars justice. I'm sure this one is no exception.
Ben Norton May 31, 2012
This car was up a while ago if I'm not mistaken. I remember the plates. Sweet looking car though!
Trey Villarreal May 31, 2012
That 10 yr old must be one gifted prodigy.
relyt May 31, 2012
Yeah, I think this is one of the best looking Ferraris in a long time.
Korli Jorlk May 31, 2012
I think out of all current production Ferraris ,458 is the best looking one, compare to ff and California even the latest concept v12 . But the best looking Ferrari I think is f40
Sidrah Syed May 31, 2012
Yes Jason, you are the only one
Carlton Salmon May 31, 2012
@ Jason. Surely that's the point of how a supercar should look - like a 10 year old had drawn it. A supercar should look dramatic and exciting and extraordinary - hence why cars like this are called supercars.
Jason Levy May 31, 2012
Am i the only one who thinks this car is ugly? I mean compared to older ferraris this car looks like a 10 year old boy designed it
Ryan Cardone May 31, 2012
Someone call my name?
Bruno Rocha May 31, 2012
Oops! Wrong Comment! Sorry ABOUT that RYAN!