Comments - Retrobuilt Offers 1969 Shelby GT500CS Conversion

Published: May 31, 2012
Description: Classic Shelby Mustang convertibles don't come cheap. Although undoubtedly good looking motors, they also lack the sophistication of modern pony cars in terms of reliability, performance and tech...
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Nick Steiger Jun 01, 2012
It doesn't matter what year. Shelby never fails to deliver power and American design.
Tae Bin Tao May 31, 2012
this should be the 2013 brand new model.
Tyler Jacobson Jul 17, 2012
Hood doesn't line up on the right
Clayton Corley Jun 05, 2012
Challenger anyone?
Terrance Parker Jun 01, 2012
Not my style but it's clean and they did very good work!!!! Thumbs up from thus car guy
Carlton Salmon May 31, 2012
I like the front and the fact that it's in Grabber Blue.
Taylor Little May 31, 2012
The boss front looks so much better.
Description: Officially designated by Shelby Automobiles, the new, limited production, Shelby GT500CS Convertible can be yours for the price of a donor car and a few extra bucks. Any 2005 to the current 5.0-liter ...
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Antonio Borja Jun 01, 2012
few extra my ass
Clint Edwards May 31, 2012
@Greg that thing is sweet though
Greg Lewis May 31, 2012
How much extra? A challenger to daytona/superbird is car plus 20k and has minor interior updates. The camaro to trans am is extra 30-40k. HPP performance does fantastic job, but I can't afford an srt8 let alone a hemi+20
Description: The new Mustang platform leaves the Retrobuilt conversion with slightly odd proportions but it still looks great and there won't be many things like it on the road.
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Bob Jones Jun 01, 2012
And in what way is this gay? It's sexually attracted to other Mustangs of the same sex?
Michael Gallagher Jun 01, 2012
Keep it the same. Should not mess with something thats already great
Da Stig Jun 01, 2012
Kinda makes me think of the challenger kinda
Ken Naasz Jun 01, 2012
I'm sure they had to wait for poor ol' Shel to die before "certifying" this thing - what a nightmare - because the original GT 500 deserves better than this.
Jake Marra Jun 01, 2012
In every way look at those dumb sidevents
Ben Norton Jun 01, 2012
In what way is this a ricer?
Cody Andree May 31, 2012
Ya seems to be a fake
Carlton Salmon May 31, 2012
Can someone please tell me what that weird box is between the rear wheel and the door handle? Looks like it might be some kind of a vent...
rahp May 31, 2012
looks more like the cuda I'm restoring than a shelby!!
Louis Valdivia May 31, 2012
Hey kurt be nicer to your car man
Kurt Smith May 31, 2012
by far one of the ugliest cars ive ever seen
Ben August May 31, 2012
This is pathetic.
Ken Naasz May 31, 2012
Good design is all about proportion...this thing is so off it looks like a Chinese kit car!! What a disgrace and discredit to the great Shelby legacy.
Cody Andree May 31, 2012
I thought it was a cuda as well
John Serely May 31, 2012
Same here, kenneth
Dillon Dixon May 31, 2012
Introducing the 2014 Mustang convertible. Haha let's hope it looks better than this. This thing is so odd.
Kenneth Williams May 31, 2012
Interesting... I don't like it though. Poor execution. That front just keeps reminding me of a challenger
Simon Chaloux May 31, 2012
Looks like homer simpson design. Fugly !
Jackson Michael May 31, 2012
That is disgusting
Lou Guerrero May 31, 2012
Eh, this whole package looks cheap and gimmicky. Not a fan
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 31, 2012
It would be cool to see it in real life, but I still don't really like it.
relyt May 31, 2012
A for effort, C- for execution after the windshield it all goes to hell.
Greg Lewis May 31, 2012
Agreed, front looks great, back, eh....
Tegra1 May 31, 2012
Looks better then the 53 vette on a modern vette chassis done some years ago,accually I thought it was real until I read the story,good job I may not really like most mustangs,but I would buy this.
Cory Allen May 31, 2012
The front looks cool, but the back looks like an amphibious vehicle!
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin May 31, 2012
Im a Mustang guy but I don't like this
Tj Blankenship May 31, 2012
Haha Miss Proportioned... stupid phone. She sounds like a circus attraction.
Tj Blankenship May 31, 2012
Hahaha that is way miss proportioned
Jack Howard May 31, 2012
Someone brought an original 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible to our high school "autorama" and theres only 17 of these left in the world
gammo66 May 31, 2012
front end looks good
Ryan Coffel May 31, 2012
Tires are too small, panels are too tall, and it is a waste of money. Id rather search for an original and do an engine swap.
Dave Stewart Jun 02, 2012
Back is sexy side is not
Antonio Borja Jun 01, 2012
looks pretty good. I'll drive it
Troy Kessler May 31, 2012
This is almost as bad as the douche who tried to turn his civic into a veyron --fail
Tanner Middleton May 31, 2012
throw some spacers and bigger tires on the back and you MIGHT turn my head
Tanton Stoneman May 31, 2012
No offence to anyone, but that looks like a challenger. Or a bloated whale with its spine cut out.
Garrett Frye May 31, 2012
I'm with Tin. You've gotta be smoking some crazy shit to choose this over the new gt500
Mitchell Cherry May 31, 2012
Needs a bigger tire on the back
Steve Waskiewicz May 31, 2012
Um... What is mismatch of parts. It's a Frankencar!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 31, 2012
*Tin Exactly what I thought.
Taylor Little May 31, 2012
Love the exhaust.
Greg Lewis May 31, 2012
The quarters just are odd, but darn good job working with an existing car!
Tin Nguyen May 31, 2012
No thanks. For the $$$ I would rather buy a 2013 gt500.
gammo66 May 31, 2012
I don't like the back end at all the distance between top of wheel & top of rear quarter is massive
David Munasinghe May 31, 2012
Rear lights are not straight.
Paul Lissona May 31, 2012
I kinda like this, partly cause of the chrome.
Byakka Hirakawa May 31, 2012
Fender is a lighter blue too And its not cause of lighting, the edge tothe door is the same all the way down
Tj Blankenship May 31, 2012
Hood doesn't line up.
Eli Dirk May 31, 2012
Agreed @max.. Im a chevy guy.
Axel Cousins May 31, 2012
Beautiful. I just don't like the roll bar IMO
F1 Fanatic Jun 01, 2012
Nah! I don't think so. He's right you won't see many on the road.
Kyle Hardisty May 31, 2012
I hate to say it, but this is looking a little..riced.
Tyler Jacobson May 31, 2012
Diff wheels and cut the rear end off
Grant Seute May 31, 2012
Its would awesome as a hard top wit different wheels
Stephen Tyler Learn May 31, 2012
@Max yea it's called the back half of the car
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 31, 2012
Imagine how confused everybody who sees it is going to be!
Max Waite May 31, 2012
There's just something incredibly wrong with this
Chris Dimattia Jun 01, 2012
The wheels look tiny in this.
Terrance Parker Jun 01, 2012
I have never seen anything like this before.
Grant Seute May 31, 2012
If you had a cop car you could find out where the guy lived
Tj Blankenship May 31, 2012
Yeah, if you look at just the license plate and left taillight, you can see that it's way crooked.
Max Waite May 31, 2012
The chrome bumper at the right makes this look like a kit car
David Munasinghe May 31, 2012
Left tail light is crooked.
Jon Gandy May 31, 2012
Anyone else notice the crooked exhaust tip?
Steve Waskiewicz May 31, 2012
No, no, no. Blending old-school mustang, with some oddities, with modern mustang crap interiors. Mmm... :(
Austin Bride Jun 01, 2012
If you've never seen a camaro with a fake hood scoop you haven't seen meant camaros
Cody Andree May 31, 2012
Mustangs always had fake hood scoops. At least all throughout the nineties. Super weak. Never seen a camaro with a fake hood scoop.
Aaron Abely May 31, 2012
Price of a mustang and "a few extra bucks" and you get a fake center scoop... Yeah, no.