Renault Clio IV Strips Off Even More Camo

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Renault is continuing the testing of their latest Clio.
The Renault Clio IV has been spied again, testing on the road and wearing a bit less camouflage than the last time we saw two-door hatchback. The next-generation Clio will be roughly the same size as its predecessor, though it will grow in length by 2cm. The most prominent changes on the Clio IV occur in the styling, as the new model is much more muscular in design. It also features a touch-screen complete with satnav, audio system control, iPhone/iPod connectivity and Bluetooth.
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As previously reported by CarBuzz, Renault is making several engines available for the next-generation Clio IV. 74- or 89-horsepower 1.5-liter diesel dCi engines are available along with a few gasoline plants with power ranging from 89hp all the way up to 200hp.

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