Description: Straight from the backstreets of Maranello, Italy, comes a video showing the Ferrari F12berlinetta demo car cruising around for interested buyers. The F12berlinetta is Ferrari's latest release me...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 17, 2012
Talk about a personal stalker
Eli Dirk May 31, 2012
I dislike the back bumper.
Andrew Potter May 30, 2012
Everything looks great apart from the front end. Front end doesn't have the fluidity of the 458 italia. Shame pininafarina aren't around as their design head anymore
Matthew Mckernan May 30, 2012
I love this car and I can't wait to see the first reviews on it!
Zeus Mocha May 30, 2012
I love this car. I can't wait till it's here at the local dealer.
Michael Ioia May 30, 2012
Paul the video is taken at Ferrari headquarters, not a dealership. if you want an exact location ... Google it
Zaire Wilkins May 30, 2012
wonder if its AWD
Mark A. Young May 30, 2012
This and the new viper look relatively similar.
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
Or what if they don't.....
Austin Bride May 30, 2012
How long till one catches on fire?
Ricky Young May 30, 2012
BMW is now calling the m5 f10 and the three series f30 so what will happen when BMW reaches f40 and Ferrari notices?
Paul Pickard May 30, 2012
I did read it. Saying marenello is quit general and it was pretty much a rhetorical question. But thanks.
Paul Dickey May 30, 2012
Read the first sentence Paul.
Luke Bailey May 30, 2012
still don't know how I feel about the rear, but that front end is just sinister....
Paul Pickard May 30, 2012
Besides the 458 I'm not sure what Ferrari is thinking with their design and recently quality. Also where the hell are they? Doesn't seem fitting for a Ferrari dealership.
Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
if thats where the lisence plate is gonna be than wow its ugly.
Mayjourio Demariel Pope May 30, 2012
It'll be even sexier when spontaneously combust like all the others!
Daniel Bellafonte May 30, 2012
He either thought I'm not rich enough or time for an upgrade.
Justin Santinelli May 30, 2012
I wonder what the guy with the scuderia thought
Stan Mitchell May 30, 2012
Great looking car.
Luis Daniel Angilello May 30, 2012
From the back it looks like it's wearing a thong. LOL!
Description: The Ferrari F12berlinetta features a 6.3-liter V12 engine rated at 740hp and 509 lb-ft of torque. The real-wheel-drive coupe can sprint from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, reach 125mph from rest in 8.5 secon...
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JP Burr May 31, 2012
Wow. I saw a yellow Scuderia in that video. Love the F12 but it doesn't compare to the 458 Italia.
Devin Babyn May 31, 2012
All you would of said is some crap about low end and being OHV. We don't care, talk about it on GM and Dodge articles. There the only companies that care so keep it there
Dennis Choong May 31, 2012
@Quinn - if the 8.4L of the viper has the displacement to torque ratio of the F12, you'll be looking at around 672ft-lb
Mikey Jimenez May 31, 2012
I would try to explain to you guys but it's going to go thru one ear and out the other, so for now I just laugh at you dumba**es!!
Dennis Choong May 31, 2012
Well said Shane. F12 aside, 458's 540nm for a 4.5L V8 NA is superb as well... it's amazing how these engines can produce high torque and still have the ability to hit 8700 & 9000 rpm
ShaneVenhorst May 30, 2012
And from a power to displacement ratio, Ferrari's V12 produces over 80 ft-lbs per liter where the LS7 produces around 72 and the Viper's V10 produces around 76. Not to mention the Ferrari's 115bhp per liter that eclipses the the other two.
ShaneVenhorst May 30, 2012
Direct injection and higher compression ratios have definitely helped with that fact. Regardless, 509 ft-lbs is more than enough twisting force to move this beauty effortlessly through traffic.
ShaneVenhorst May 30, 2012
Agreed that it has more than enough torque. I think these guys are used to muscle cars which produce just as much torque as the do horsepower. In fact, Ferrari has come a long way from the days when their engines produced almost half the torque as their horsepower figures.
Devin Babyn May 30, 2012
You don't understand what I said since you put that comment
Quinn Rogers May 30, 2012
the 8.4 liter v10 in the viper has 600lb/ft and its N/A
Devin Babyn May 30, 2012
Mikey. I truly do not understand how your brain works. It has over 500lb/ft of torque, that's not lacking in any engine other then a viper motor. And I said what's your point cause it's not comparable, don't know how you didn't understand that
Dennis Choong May 30, 2012
A 6.3L NA engine producing 690nm & you say it lacks torque? Find me another NA engine that does better
Mikey Jimenez May 30, 2012
@Devin my point is it lacks torque...Duh!
David Justice May 30, 2012
0-60 in 3.1, Top Speed of 200+. What's wrong with the torque?
Ricky Young May 30, 2012
I'm glad they ditched the hybrid
Devin Babyn May 30, 2012
And thats supercharged not N/A. You know you'd of flip if I would of brought up a fi engine so what's your point
Mikey Jimenez May 30, 2012
Yup and the ZR1 has how much torque a 6.2 liter??
Ghee Buttersnaps May 30, 2012
@Jackson I think David was talking about the F12 being faster than the 599 GTO
Matthew Reindorp May 30, 2012
Our 4.2 V8 has 660lb/ft of torque it's quite scary haha
Devin Babyn May 30, 2012
Mikey it's got over 500lb/ft out of a 6.3. How much does a LS7 put down 500? So shut up it definitely has enough so go fan boy somewhere else
David Justice May 30, 2012
I think it's doing just fine with the torque it has already Mikey.
Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
real wheel drive XD haha CarBuzz check the mistakes *rear
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
Because the F70 will cost wayyy more
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
@David Are you talking about this and the 458 or this and the F70?
Mikey Jimenez May 30, 2012
Where's the torque??
David Pires-Ihsaan May 30, 2012
Hate how companies always make a top model, then make a new model that surpasses it's specs for about $100,000 less..
Tanton Stoneman May 31, 2012
Ok, that makes sense.
Ricardo Diego May 31, 2012
Alfa in the back I ment
Ricardo Diego May 31, 2012
Alfa Romeo 8c front and LFA front
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
The only similarities between this and the viper issue that they're front engines and look great in red.
Matthew Mckernan May 30, 2012
@tanton, its a protective covering on the emblem to keep it from getting dirty or scratched before delivery.
Moe Sargi May 30, 2012
The emblem is blue because this is a demo car so they didnt take the tag off of it
Tanton Stoneman May 30, 2012
Why is the emblem blue?
Aaron Bullis May 30, 2012
@Thibault Last I checked Ferrari wasn't designing cars that looked like this in the mid 90s, unlike dodge and the viper gts. Also Vipers don't have thongs!
Ghee Buttersnaps May 30, 2012
IMO, the 458 is still the best looking Ferrari. But this is still very sexy
Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
@Extremis no the viper looks like this.
John Serely May 30, 2012
It looks soooo good IMO
Josh Negron May 30, 2012
Just look at it! Lol
Janak Solanki May 30, 2012
I love that mean face
Connor Wagner May 30, 2012
I think it's really cool but it doesn't look like anything that special
gammo66 May 30, 2012
don't get me wrong cuz I love this car, but the more I see it the more I see too much ff & California in it & they're not my fav ferraris
Extremis Colson May 30, 2012
looks like a viper front!!! but awesome nonetheless
Ron Vinson May 30, 2012
Best looking Ferrari in decades. Awesome!
Stan Mitchell May 30, 2012
Just looks mean.