Comments - Dodge Charger Smashes Open Road World Record

Published: May 30, 2012
Description: Taking a high-performance car to warp speed on a public highway and maintaining that speed for a length of time requires balls of steel and complete confidence in the car, even when you know there&apo...
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Antonio Falsetti May 31, 2012
Yea not that hard to figure out kids
Brandon Carr May 30, 2012
I think he means a phone number jingle. Like 1-800-get-a-dodge. Maybe?
Devin Babyn May 30, 2012
I can't understand it either. Not a big deal kid
John Serely May 30, 2012
@thomas I can't understand what you just said
Thomas Opie Taylor May 30, 2012
All I can say Is 1800 get a Dodge
Description: At 207mph, the Guinness World Record for the Nevada Open Road Challenge had stood since 2000, but on 20 May 2012 these records were demolished by Jim Peruto and his modified NASCAR 2006 Dodge Charger,...
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Robert Young Nov 15, 2012
Shane I doubt it really. Our cars are not designed for this "flat" out style of punishment.
Alex Medvedev Jun 01, 2012
Agree I don't think it should count with a NASCAR looking car it should be like a daily driver car like Nissan GTR or something
Antonio Falsetti May 31, 2012
Hell yea American muscle.
John Philip Sousa May 31, 2012
Dude I hope he makes it
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
Dear god that would be more boring than watching a NASCAR race
Matthew Crighton May 30, 2012
I think he was a little over the speed limit. Lol that was a beautiful sound tho. Cudos to the driver u got to have balls to pull speeds like that on open road.
ShaneVenhorst May 30, 2012
Plus this is more of a challenge of balls rather than power. If you took a Hennessey Venom or Pagani Huayra or Koenigsegg... well... anything, they could achieve the same feat. Even your modified Vette's, Mustang's, Viper's, Supra's ect... could accomplish this with the right driver.
ShaneVenhorst May 30, 2012
Can't really call it a Dodge, it's a NASCAR with Dodge emblems. The closest thing that resembles it to a Dodge is the fact it most likely has a MOPAR crate engine.
Everett Coyne May 30, 2012
Dodge takes a nother challenge and wins again
Redge Diakité May 30, 2012
Man that V8 sounds soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood
Jackson Rojas May 30, 2012
oh he's cruising
Tim Neely May 30, 2012
Worst Commentary Ever ... Dude
Robert Young Nov 15, 2012
Yup I like mine 1ft thick. Steaks that is lol
Micah Lau Jun 01, 2012
You back that thing into a cow and you'll have instant beef cuts ready for the freezer.
Antonio Falsetti May 31, 2012
Looks good to me
Eddie Nash May 31, 2012
Purely function dude...
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
What a gross ass
Josh Knight May 31, 2012
This was all hilarious to read
Ben August May 31, 2012
Paul: the answer is that one car sustained a higher average, for the duration of the race. An AVERAGE is all-inclusive. It doesn't matter peaks or valleys, it matters sustained time. The charger had the highest mean time for the duration.
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
Well I don't understand you Paul lol
Paul Pickard May 30, 2012
Time but wouldn't win the race because the sustained speed was lower. Miles per hour obviously are time. I understand what your saying.
Paul Pickard May 30, 2012
Sure can't change physics. But explain to me the clock part of this. The guy hit a max speed of over 240 but had a sustained speed of 217 setting the record. Another car could hit 300 several times but only sustain 215. Would cross the line first in
Jack Higgins May 30, 2012
Henz, it's a race against the clock right? So is rallying. "no, it's about top speed!" avg speed is distance/time. Physics is physics. You can't change it. Time is the #1 factor.
Paul Pickard May 30, 2012
I thought the point of the so called race was to sustain a high speed over 90miles. Speed being the only point more than a clock. A lot of things have to go in to that than just power.
Michael Beach May 30, 2012
That's a dodge in the same way that lady gaga is actually a lady.
Jackson Michael May 30, 2012
That looks disgusting
Tim Fitzgerald May 30, 2012
Just to clear this up. How many street legal cars do you think compete? 0. Your racing across 90 miles of desert at 200+ mph. You couldnt do it in a stock car. There is a 69' camaro that does this. Big red. Look it up.
Henz Herrero May 30, 2012
Lol.. U jst compared rally racing to this?
Jack Higgins May 30, 2012
I know that Carlton. It's still a race. Rally racing is against the click too.
Aaron Crisp May 30, 2012
Some history: John Hennessy of Hennessy Performance raced the Silver State Race in the early 90's in a modified Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 averaging 169 MPH.
Cody Matthews May 30, 2012
Yeah, I would much rather use a street legal car I could drive home in afterwords.
Brady Fereday May 30, 2012
I'm with Carlton
Carlton Salmon May 30, 2012
@ Jack. You do realise it's only a race against the clock, not door-to-door racing? IMO a street race should only be for street legal cars. All other non-street legal vehicles should stay on drag strips & race tracks. Just my two penneth, that's all.
Jack Higgins May 30, 2012
You do realize its a race right? Your allowed to use race cars. People are stupid sometimes.
Henz Herrero May 30, 2012
I agree.. Whats the point? Im not knocking it but at least use a street legal fully functional car, not a stripped down nascar charger..
Carlton Salmon May 30, 2012
It's all well and good averaging 217mph and hitting 244mph, but this is a NASCAR, not a street legal road car. So it shouldn't really count. May as well turn up in a dragster or an Indycar because they're both even faster.
Reid Huff May 30, 2012
How could anybody say this is good looking it's the same shape as every other NASCAR but it has different stickers.
jester May 30, 2012
Its the light angle and the big racing slicks.
Ben August May 30, 2012
Is it just an illusion that it looks like the tires arent touching the pavement? Cuz it really looks like they aren't...
Caner Ozdemir May 30, 2012
The car looks nice, but almost no resemblance with the charger we have today other than the grill