Comments - A Video Showcase of the One and Only Ariel Atom

Published: May 30, 2012
Description: The Ariel Atom is one incredible machine. Since its debut several years ago, it has literally managed to blow away (in performance) some of the most exotic and expensive supercars on the planet. With ...
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Pi Ka Chu Jun 07, 2012
There's only one atom in the whole world ?
Quentin Anderson Jun 01, 2012
Never seen in america
Matthew Reindorp May 30, 2012
Yeah they are awesome! Know several owners of normal atoms and 1 guy with a V8 atom both are epic
Josh Negron May 30, 2012
Top gear and every other automotive reviewer said the same thing... Usually in the first few seconds to show how impressive this thing is.
Esam Mohammad May 30, 2012
It silly to compare this car to normal supercars !! Its totally different
David Pires-Ihsaan May 30, 2012
I've seen f1 cars on the street on youtube...
Description: Although it's basic (no roof or windows), the Atom is truly quite something. So we've gone ahead and put together a short collection of Ariel Atom videos from the past few years showing just...
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Da Stig May 31, 2012
I really don't like these things cause some people compare to sexy supercars and all it really is just a frame engine and seats ect
gammo66 May 30, 2012
my mates got 1 & it makes u giggle like a little girl just bein a passenger, amazing in every way
Antonio Borja May 30, 2012
looks so fun. sucks just looking
Description: Of course this wouldn't be a proper Ariel Atom story without a segment from 'Top Gear'. This is quite possibly one of the Atom's most famous moments, watching Jeremy Clarkson'...
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Mark Reider May 30, 2012
Someone should put a formula 1, 2.4 liter V8 in the thing. Let it rev to 19,000 or so, thats around 900-1000 horsepower. Adjust the trans and body for less drag. Then see what it could do, Insane! 1000lb atom + 1000hp would kill the 2700lb Venom
Trey Villarreal May 30, 2012
I think they should put a V12 in everything.
Kyle Kloewer May 30, 2012
I think V10 could fit but not a V12. Or they could just put turbos on the already insane, loud, fast V8
Mark Reider May 30, 2012
This car is awesome! Some are saying to put a V12 in the thing. Where would something like that fit, not to mention weight. Unless you use a small formula 1 engine, but the price would go through the roof. They should just turbo or super charge the engine that's in it, which is 2 motor cycle engines put together to make a V8, so cool.
Dylan Vergel de Dios May 30, 2012
Jeremy clarkson?
Jack Higgins May 30, 2012
This isn't from the show. It's one of his films. I can't remember the name. It's hilarious though,
Oscar Galvan May 30, 2012
You dont need a v12 to be fast.....
Mario Callirgos May 30, 2012
No v12 maybe a turbo tho. There is no fast enough. If there was there would be no agera veyron or venom!
Trey Villarreal May 30, 2012
@Antonio Soo... They 'should' put a V12 in it.
Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
@Alex watch the vids jeremy drove both
Josh Negron May 30, 2012
Sorry brah... Watch the video... That's Jeremy and it is the V8. Jeremy got to drive both--he says that in the video.
Alex Bouckley May 30, 2012
I think they mean James May because Jeremy didn't drive the V8, James did
Adithya Chandrasekhar May 30, 2012
The video is sped up
Antonio Borja May 30, 2012
it doesn't need a v12 to be a crazy fast car. power to weight my friend. power to weight
Trey Villarreal May 30, 2012
Put a V12 in it.
Description: Now out of production, 'The Car Show' did a great segment on "adult go-carts", pitting the British-engineered Ariel Atom up against the Austrian designed KTM X-Bow. Host Matt Farah...
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Mark Reider May 30, 2012
The V8 atom beat the Veyron around the topgear track.
Matthew Reindorp May 30, 2012
The X-bow has better track capabilities but in a line the atom thrashes the KTM... We've tried it, we know people with both... In fact it was round the top gear circuit (dunsfold)
Jack Higgins May 30, 2012
You are not a car guy if you've just heard of the crossbow.
Antonio Borja May 30, 2012
first time ever hearing of the Ktm. it's nice but didnt seem as raw
Description: Now the question many Ariel Atom fans may have been asking themselves for some time is whether the car is able to drift. UK auto publication Autocar wondered the same thing a few months back, so they ...
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Description: Ah yes, the inevitable drag race. We all know for a fact that the Ariel Atom is insanely fast, but how does it stack up against a Mustang Cobra and a Dodge Viper? Just so that you know, this is not th...
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Brandon Carr May 31, 2012
Wow... Thrashed em
Description: Honda's semi-official tuning partner Mugen was given the chance to tune both the Honda CRZ hybrid and the Ariel Atom. The latter comes equipped with a 270hp 2.0-liter engine taken from the Civic ...
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Dale Fredriks May 31, 2012
So the 'tuned' version has less horsepower than stock? The previous page definitely reads 300hp.