Description: Last month we brought you a story about Volvo's hybrid big rig preparing a run at its own world speed records. On April 27th, the Mean Green racing truck took its exclusive motor and battery alon...
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Jason W. Evers May 08, 2012
How do you say "Boij"?
Description: Utilizing its 1,900hp D16 engine and 200hp electric motor (combined for almost 5,000 lb-ft of torque!), the Mean Green hybrid racing truck ran an average speed of 147.002 mph km/h (236.577 km/...
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MERCEDES May 09, 2012
2100 BHP and can only go 145 weres all the power going
Lucas Hill May 05, 2012
Thats cause trucks r so heavy
Hank Austin May 03, 2012
Lol you can tell its really Eco-friendly by the giant puff of black smoke that comes out as he sets off
Evan Wolfe May 03, 2012
This is as pointless as... Sigh TRACTOR. DRAG. RACING. ON. THE. SPEED CHANNEL 0_0
Sam Oglesby May 03, 2012
2100hp and it only got to 145 what a waste of time
Igor Natsioks May 03, 2012
They are not wasting your money
Henz Herrero May 03, 2012
Fking pointless.. If ur gonna do this at least hook a trailer to it.. Great job wasting $$
Thomas Vorholt May 03, 2012
Looks like someone found a world record that nobody else cares enough about to try and beat.
Sam Oglesby May 03, 2012
147 a deisel merc can do 155
Kabab Mashwi May 03, 2012
if they put thus engine in a car with a normal size
Nicholas Britt May 03, 2012
Has car buzz been drinking
Description: These impressive figures surpass the Mean Green's previous records set in Sweden last June. Its previously hit speeds of 135.943 mph in the Flying Kilometer and 94.605 mph in the Standing Kilomet...
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