Comments - It’s a Generational Dispute: F10 BMW M5 vs. E60 M5

Published: May 03, 2012
Description: Many were quite concerned when BMW announced that their latest generation M5 (F10) was going to be powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 instead of the outgoing model's (E60) naturally-aspirated 5...
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Michael Beach May 04, 2012
Is this the car with the fake engine noises coming out of the stereo? I think so. That's the only reason I don't like it. It sounds like a ricer move....
Description: In this recently posted video, some Swedish M5 fans decided to take examples of each one out on a track just to see which one is faster.
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Lou Guerrero May 04, 2012
Aww shucks, guys the 4.0 E39 holds a special place in my heart and the E60 makes awesome noises and is proper fast but face it, the new M5 is better and faster in every way.
Paul Lissona May 04, 2012
We've had two e39s, 1998 528i premium package, 2001 525i sport premium package.
Mathew Caleb Stanfield May 03, 2012
I personally own a E39 I love the styling it's one of the best so far but I also like the E28 and F10. I personally could not stand the styling of the E60 I thought it was a terrible design with a killer engine.
Zain Sheikh May 03, 2012
Performance wise it may be better but nothing and I mean nothing beats that beastly V10 from the e60 <3
Patrick Joseph May 03, 2012
Indeed the e39 m5 is by far my favorite m5.
Daniel C Coța May 03, 2012
Every gen is gon be more powerful n better performing than the one before it, but who cares? The new v8tt doesnt compare to the v10. It won so many awards, it was a technical marvel. Cant say that bout the new one.
Jason Dannheim May 03, 2012
Uhhh hello? Anybody remember the E28 M5?? That's the best one.
Janak Solanki May 03, 2012
I wish the new M5 got rid of the stupid side vents that look like they came off a Ford Taurus. Go back to those sexy gills from the last one
Stephen Mysko May 03, 2012
I agree with dimitry. Love the old e39
Aislin Cooper May 03, 2012
Agreed with Dimitry
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 03, 2012
The E39 is still the coolest one.
Zaire Wilkins May 03, 2012
the F10 has a cleaner look to me they went back to the old talights they use to use
Lou Guerrero May 03, 2012
Generally, the newest BMW is the best. They're really focused on efficiency these days. Making power by using every ounce of fuel. The new I4 is so efficient it doesn't need a throttle butterfly. Pedal controls the intake valves.
Carlton Salmon May 03, 2012
Wouldn't it have been epic if they could have turbocharged the V10 engine and put it in the F10 M5?
Daniel Bellafonte May 03, 2012
I still really like the looks of the E60 over the F10, but obviously the F10 is better performance wise.
Description: With the next M3 set to be launched sometime next year, there's no question in our minds that it will be faster than the current generation, even though the latter is powered by a V8 and the new ...
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David Griego May 03, 2012
That is true, the majority of chevy/dodge fanboys would rather have a big displacement push rod V8. Although big displacement doesn't mean BIG ENGINE
Bob Turefannt May 03, 2012
You see it's people like Chris who give America a bad name. All they want is a big engine. It doesn't matter if it goes fast it just has to have a big engine.
Devin Babyn May 03, 2012
David if you've been on here long you'd know there's a tremendous amount of people that would kill someone if dodge/GM went to DOHC. And I'm from Canada
Paul Dickey May 03, 2012
Where are you from devin?
David Griego May 03, 2012
Also how would you know how the majority o Americans think.
Devin Babyn May 03, 2012
Jake and Cory its the majority not everyone
Chris Gaines May 03, 2012
screw turbos, I want a big engine!
Cory Deines May 03, 2012
Seems you two at the bottom don't know much about Americans. There are 300 million of us...we don't all share the same opinions. Personally, I'm totally down with lower displacement and forced induction. More powerful and more economical.
Jake Knickmeyer May 03, 2012
I'm American and I love the idea of a twin turbo 6.
Aaron Abely May 03, 2012
Tell that to Americans.