Description: Designed, developed and manufactured with the makers of the bat-crazy Ariel Atom, the Motion Simulation TL1 racing simulator represents the ultimate car enthusiast gadget. Recently launched at the 201...
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Mark A. Young May 03, 2012
Why don't you just buy a real atom..
Phillip Greene May 03, 2012
Well im sure theres options cuz that screen shot was not the driver seat of an ariel atom
Walker Carroll May 03, 2012
He's talking about in the game. He wants 600 cars to choose from in the game to drive
Phillip Greene May 03, 2012
Um what kinda cars can you get 600 of for 20k? Im pretty sure this toy is the better buy in that situation
Brandon Lidy May 03, 2012
She's no looker. And for 20 grand I'd rather have 600 some odd cars
Devin Babyn May 03, 2012
I'd rather her not come with. She's pretty dust
Sam Oglesby May 03, 2012
Does she come with it
Description: The creators say due to "running the best simulation software titles that include laser-scanned racing circuits, accurate to within 2mm, the Motion Simulation TL1 replicates the full driving expe...
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Pratik Parija May 04, 2012
Wow looks awesome & fun! Technology keeps getting better. Wonder what will happen 10 years from now?!
Wilson LaFaver May 04, 2012
That looks really fun
Ben Mossing May 03, 2012
It doesn't destroy your face though! It's like driving a arial coupe. No fun
Brandon Navidad May 03, 2012
That's pretty cool
Raymond Reynoso May 03, 2012
Gran Turismo needs to step it up
Description: Shaped like a racing helmet, the TL1 is 1985mm high, 2708mm wide and 2355mm deep, and available in red, green, orange, blue, silver and white.
Priced att £11,500, you could buy a brand new sm...
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Jack Higgins May 03, 2012
Why make a comment if you didn't read the article?
Devin Babyn May 03, 2012
Don't you guys love it when you talk about the price of something and someone comes up with a bunch of cars you could buy for that much but don't want
Mark McRearie May 03, 2012
@mitch. my neighbor recently sold his 2002 e46 with a little more than a hundred thousand miles on it for 12 grand
Phillip Greene May 03, 2012
Yeah for that you could pick up 2 3rd or 4th gen z28s or a c5 z06 or better still a c4 zr1, but still that is pretty cool just wait a year or two and this will be the x- box 720
Lou Guerrero May 03, 2012
You're right. I haven't been shopping for an M3 for months now. A good E46 M3 in Florida can be bought for ~15-17K.
Mitch Pchelarov May 03, 2012
You can't get anywhere near an E46 M3 with $18k
Nick Sti May 03, 2012
Hmmm $18k ..... 06 wrx + gas money
Thomas Vorholt May 03, 2012
For people who live nowhere near an actual racetrack, this would be really cool.
Lou Guerrero May 03, 2012
Hmm, $18K... E46 M3 + Hoosier R6 sounds better than a simulator. .
Andrew Grimm May 03, 2012
Are you an idiot....... That's the price for the simulator.
Chris Penza May 03, 2012
Just buy a fanatec wheel and some games
Lou Guerrero May 03, 2012
This is badass. Track day whenever you want! Too bad it costs so much.
Chris Penza May 03, 2012
Looks kinda like forza