Comments - Heico Sportiv’s Volvo V40 Bio-Diesel Racer Released

Published: May 29, 2012
Description: Motorsports team and Volvo's official partner for road car customization in Germany, Heico Sportiv, has released the first image of their V40 racecar. This is the first racer based on the new V40...
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Jared Palmer May 29, 2012
235/40's, I have 18" Pegasus on my 04' s60r. I agree, Michelin Pilot are a terrific tire and compliment the ride very well. If you have questions I would use for reference.
Aiden Bass May 29, 2012
Just go for 20,, I just got some michelin pilot sports for my 04 S60R and they're great, but you'll have to lay down a little over 1500 for em
alvincar May 29, 2012
can someone advise wat is the best tire size for 18 Inc s60 t5 .help!,,,,
Description: The Volvo V40 racer features a racing version of its 5-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, good for 300hp and a solid 443 lb-ft of torque. Heico says that the racer will run on bio-diesel, emphasizing their...
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Max Waite May 29, 2012
I agree Jack, that's not really ironic
Ben Norton May 29, 2012
Green racing, green hell.... The names ya know?
Jack Higgins May 29, 2012
How is that ironic? Is it because of all the resources it takes to finish the race?
Jordan Clegg May 29, 2012
That looks amazing
Ben Norton May 29, 2012
That actually looks kinda cool
Jordan Clegg May 29, 2012
That is a great rebound car from the past Volvos that looked like squares shoved together