Description: From the company that builds Jaguars and Land Rovers comes the Tata Nano, which according to Leno is a future classic.
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Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
I would rather have these than stupid horrible worthless waste or plastic known as the g wiss
Brendan Bell May 29, 2012
Those dancers look so cheesed to be in his garage
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
I don't mind sitting on an engine. An engine with wheels.
Description: With no air bags and crash bars, the world's cheapest car is far from being road legal in the US but that didn't stop Jay Leno from getting a specially-made version of the Indian super subco...
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Jennings Rengel May 29, 2012
$2700 and it has a/c? I guess its prolly a good thing to have in India
Trey Villarreal May 29, 2012
To specify: noticeable, significant loss
Hank Austin May 29, 2012
So what happens when it gets hit by a truck?
Hektor Yberg May 29, 2012
@ trey there aren't any performance to loose
Garrett Frye May 29, 2012
Any more than 2 people in my 93 Camry and there is a loss of performance too. That's what happens when you add weight to a car. And when we start talking passing the occupancy limit of my car the performance takes a nose dive
Trey Villarreal May 29, 2012
Any more than 2 people in the vehicle and you'll get a loss in performance.
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
Whoa buddy now you're prodding into prius territory.
Alex Bouckley May 29, 2012
Haha Retrospekt. For the really daring, give it 4 turbos for 110hp!
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
To all the complainers on hybrid vehicles: There's your car with great fuel efficiency with no electricity. Is this more like it?! Are you happy now?!
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
Slap some twin turbos on it for a whopping total of 70hp.
Nick Schnee May 29, 2012
Wow, seriously? 38 hp?
Adam Thomson Dec 20, 2012
What a sweet car!
NalaKing May 31, 2012
For the true petrolheads, stuff in the Camry V6 ( as used in the Lotus Evora ) . The engine is relatively small, should fit in the bonnet with ease. Still want more? Quad-turbocharge it, give it a new exhaust, ECU remaping, lighter piston, DCT Gearbox. Shit, for the money, you can actually purchase a new Lotus. Be it an Exige or Elise
Micah Lau May 30, 2012
Leno's Adidas kicks really put the finishing touch on the outfit.
Trey Villarreal May 30, 2012
They sell tampons at walgreens if you're out.
Max Garcia May 29, 2012
It's a traditional Indian suit dumbasses
Hank Austin May 29, 2012
That's some bad-assery right there
chikenbag May 29, 2012
i just can't believe he's not wearing his canadian tuxedo!
Bijan Jahanpanah May 29, 2012
Look at this car rolling on slicks
Trey Villarreal May 29, 2012
Toyota dare not mess with a company that renowned and well-known.
Bull Dogone May 29, 2012
Has Toyota sued them yet for logo infringement ?!?
Extremis Colson May 29, 2012
Ewww ugly car!!!
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
Guy in the back is Superman's Indian half cousin
Timothy Hooker May 29, 2012
only Leno could look cool in this thing.
Retrospekt May 29, 2012
Jay Leno, mad scientist extroardinare