Description: Fiat's aftermarket arm Abarth has released the first photos of their Punto Supersport, the most powerful version of the model ever built. The hot hatch packs quite a punch for a Fiat and adds to ...
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Anders Bøjsen Rasmussen May 31, 2012
Topspeed I agree. 0-62 I believe VW
Logan LeMonnier May 31, 2012
Yes but a manual would still be faster to 62 and the auto would still have a higher top speed
Logan LeMonnier May 30, 2012
03 1.8t is 7.5 to sixty (with an auto) 6.9 with a manual. Top speed of 145...
Anders Bøjsen Rasmussen May 30, 2012
The Stock vw 1,8t with 180bhp is set to 7,8 sec. 0-62mph.
statusone May 30, 2012
incredible. 180hp from a 1.4. americans should learn from this
Josh Negron May 29, 2012
Yeah, you have a 1.8T, not a 1.4T--congrats for hitting the same numbers...
John Philip Sousa May 29, 2012
Yeah I have an 03 jetta 1.8t with 180 hp and it is faster than that stock
Jackson Rojas May 29, 2012
whoa, we for a b.a. over here (that's slow as hell)
gammo66 May 29, 2012
remember its a fiat any more power or speed will allow it to disintegrate lol
Logan LeMonnier May 29, 2012
My jettas faster then that...stock...
David Pires-Ihsaan May 29, 2012
wow. thats kinda bad...
Description: A high-performance braking system has been affixed to handle the added power. The aftermarket specialists have also added new shocks, leather sport seats and steering wheel, aluminum pedals and automa...
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David Markham May 30, 2012
22k. A lot for a punto
John Serely May 29, 2012
They sure do look nice!
Ben Norton May 29, 2012
I really like the black one!
Adam Sampson May 29, 2012
I've heard you get all the Abarth go fast bits in that box, but do you have to put it together yourself? If so would probably double the build quality haha.
gammo66 May 29, 2012
the black managed to hide this ugly face a lot easier, obviously frm this pic any other colour will look hideous
Isaac Taylor May 29, 2012
Looks like the car is wearing braces haha