Posted on: May 28, 2012
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Weekly DFA: Only 76 Aston Martin One-77s Left After Hong Kong Crash

$1.9 million supercar is the latest victim of Asian driving.
Following a serious accident in Hong Kong over the weekend, there are now only 76 Aston Martin One-77 models in working order. According to various sources the car is registered in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong, and given that it's brand new is assumed to have been one of the last One-77 models built. It appears that the million-dollar supercar hit the curb on the left side, with both front & back wheels buckling under the impact.
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There's a good chance the mainland-Chinese driver forgot that in (once) UK-ruled Hong Kong they drive on the left. Or perhaps it was simply a case of the 7.3-liter V12, good for a 220mph top speed and 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds, being too hot to handle. The cabin seems relatively intact so hopefully no-one was seriously injured in the crash. However repairs to the carbon-fiber tub won't be cheap and given the car was riding without number plates there's a strong chance the insurer won't have to stump up any cash. Ouch.

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by Adam Lynton
Weekly DFA: Only 76 Aston Martin One-77s Left After Hong Kong Crash
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