Comments - Turkish Designers Create the Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept

Published: May 28, 2012
Description: Ugur Sahin Design has just released a new concept model based on Alfa Romeos of past. The modern-looking Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept looks terrific and could one day become the real thing, if USD'...
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Description: They were able to conjure up enough funding to turn the Corvette Z03-based concept into a reality and they are attempting to do the same with the Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept. The concept seen here take...
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Mayjourio Demariel Pope May 28, 2012
Am I the only one who sees a hint of maybach exelero in the front end design?
Dylan Vergel de Dios May 28, 2012
I'll go with the 8C
MissLaura Anne May 28, 2012
It needs 2 tail lights on each side in the rear.. Looks great from the front but horrible from the back!
Zaire Wilkins May 28, 2012
wow those headlights look like the ones from the mazda furai
Sam Oglesby May 28, 2012
Looks awsome from the front not so good from the back
Mark Hewlett May 29, 2012
Pure pornography
John Jenkins May 29, 2012
too much rim makes the ride too hard. listening to rack city lookin at this whip...
Jackson Michael May 28, 2012
Because they don't exist, maybe?
Extremis Colson May 28, 2012
why don't they sell these here?
Brandon Lidy May 28, 2012
Best thing outta Turkey since their hash
Kyle Anderson May 28, 2012
Now this is an Alfa Romeo I would love to own, finally.
Pablo Herasme May 28, 2012
The rims are like shredders
Caner Ozdemir May 28, 2012
Looks so sexy, turkish people are great designers :)
Description: Though we have no idea which car it will be based on or what might power such a concept, it does look a bit like a larger version of the Alfa Romeo 8C. USD elaborated on their Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Conc...
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Description: They continued, saying "The side silhouette creates a balanced front-to-back ratio that grabs your attention with proper proportional balance and the perfectly straight line that divides the uppe...
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Tifa Morsi May 31, 2012
Looks like an Aston Martin Zagato from the back
Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
I just don't like the big black surrounds round the rear lights
Stan Mitchell May 28, 2012
Is that a solar powered roof?
Kai Andrew Carlson May 28, 2012
I'd say it looks fantastic!
Jesse Weis May 28, 2012
Im not sure about the back, it doesnt look bad, persay, but it doesnt convey "sporting arogance, shitheadedness, and masturbation" or wat ever the hell they say in the article
Ricky Young May 28, 2012
Thank you deniz! Anonima lombarda Fabrique automobili Romeo is one of those legendary car companies that ruled the 1920 all the way til early 1950 until Enzo when out on his own and decided to make his own cars ALFA
Taylor Aspinwall May 28, 2012
Sexy omg sex sex sex. This car is sex
Deniz Keskin May 28, 2012
I think it really looks like a real legendary Alfa Romeo. People with no background about the car please shut the f**k up. Rear end of the car is a proof of real Alfa. Side vents are the only bad thing about the car.
Cham Khiev May 28, 2012
Remove the side vents n i think itll make the lines on the car flow better
Abraham Mendoza May 28, 2012
Whoa, that looks really cool!!
Sam Oglesby May 28, 2012
Not a fan of the rear
David Pires-Ihsaan May 28, 2012
looks like a surprised turtle..
Justin Harris May 28, 2012
The back is really the best part!
Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
Disagree about the lights it wouldn't look as cool any other way
Jesse Weis May 28, 2012
It looks like its very mad about something
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
Um I hope Mazda dosent see this
Tanner Middleton May 28, 2012
those rims need to bounce. if you change them it would look awesome
wfdowns May 28, 2012
holy crapping alfa what hapened to u, this thing look sweet like every angle. just needs different taillights like something not round and a new set of rims less blades match the car more.
gammo66 May 28, 2012
I love everything! alfas just seem to b gettin nicer & nicer, really hope they put this into production
Randy Hjelm May 28, 2012
Change the wheels...
Caner Ozdemir May 28, 2012
I love the doors
Jeepster Hemi Cusano May 28, 2012
Imagine trying to clean those rims.
Buddy Robinson May 28, 2012
little busy on the side, but other than that, I like it
Ryan Heetderks May 28, 2012
This is my favorite angle.
Dominic Keilty May 28, 2012
If this car was my wife, I'd pay attention to her
Newarun Begum May 28, 2012
Coolllllllll alfa
Caner Ozdemir May 28, 2012
Gotta love those curves ;)
Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
Are those solar panels on the roof this better not be electic
David Pires-Ihsaan May 28, 2012
has the side profile of a maybach excelero..
Caner Ozdemir May 28, 2012
I would buy it in a heartbeat (after i Get all that money)
JP Burr May 28, 2012
This car looks pretty good. Most concept cars look weird. I hope this somehow makes it into production, but with new rims though.
tyrael May 28, 2012
curves everywhere :)
Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
Change the rear lights or make the vent smaller
Dillon Dixon May 29, 2012
I think if the taillights were the size and shape of the vent they are in it would be perfect.
Cody Gillard May 28, 2012
it looks disappointed
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
Not bad actually I like it it's different
Luke Bailey May 28, 2012
looks somewhat like the zenvo....
Logan Delony May 28, 2012
@goobee I completely agree
Goobee May 28, 2012
what are you talking about it is horrible
Caner Ozdemir May 28, 2012
Cant get enough of that rear end!
Sam Oglesby May 29, 2012
I really hope not but they look like them
David Pires-Ihsaan May 28, 2012
are those photovoltaic panels?