Description: Porsche is commemorating a special occasion this year, as 2012 marks the 60th year of Porsche Clubs. To mark the milestone, Porsche has created a very special limited edition 911 dubbed the Club Coupe...
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Theviper007 Jun 02, 2012
Bobby people love pizzas so that Porsche was there for a reason
Bobby Bob May 29, 2012
I feel like a 1 in 12 porsche owner wouldn't be at pizza hut and I don't believe these have been delivered yet. I could be completely wrong.
Theviper007 May 28, 2012
Im proud tp say 1 is at sarasoata i saw it at pizza hut
Description: As a side note, that is four years after the first Porsche model was built. The Porsche 911 Club Coupe features a custom Brewster Green finish, 20-inch SportTechno wheels and exterior package and a Ca...
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Brad Wood Jun 06, 2012
You could sell the spot for $20k easy.
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
Lmao so you win the raffle, then you drop almost 200,000 thousand dollarsf For it. I would tho
David Altenburg Jun 01, 2012
No one needs him, but everyone wants him! <3
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
Did they lose the auto spoiler? Cause I don't like the way it disrupts the clean lines of the car when it's deployed, unlike this fixed one which looks absolutely stunning
Dillon Dixon May 28, 2012
Man this thing is so clean. Such a powerful yet elegant look. And those wheels are just perfect.
Lou Guerrero May 28, 2012
The duck bill spoiler is classic.
Stan Mitchell May 28, 2012
The 911's taillights are sick
Dan Gavan May 28, 2012
This looks so plush. Very impressed!
Jackson Rojas May 28, 2012
no I doubt it I didn't look at it enough its not big enough
Jackson Rojas May 28, 2012
I LOVE it. I wonder if the Porsche Turbo will have this fin
John Serely May 28, 2012
This looks great!
Paul Pickard May 28, 2012
Kinda think the last 997 club sport was better looking. Especially the rims.
Theviper007 May 28, 2012
1 of these are in florida i saw it at pizza hut
Zachary Maurer May 28, 2012
Ikr I love this color
Shawn Sullivan May 28, 2012
This color is amazing! Whoever gets the chance at this is hella lucky!
Andy Arana May 29, 2012
Awesome interior, very classy!
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
7-speed man please
John Serely May 28, 2012
Interior is great