Description: The SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women project is a collaboration between Ford and SEMA for the start-to-finish customization of a 2013 Mustang GT undertaken by women. Ford has unveiled the three des...
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Dickson Lui May 29, 2012
Mustang couldn't go wrong!!
Devin Mortenson May 29, 2012
@Jackson I thought they liked VW bugs like you
Riley Gonzales May 28, 2012
VVV lmao that's what I was gonna say!!
Jackson Michael May 28, 2012
Powered by women, just like mustang sales
gammo66 May 28, 2012
I actually like all of them & I'm not a massive fan of mustangs, the colour combinations are good & I like the choice of wheels
Ryan Coffel May 31, 2012
My fav of the 3.
Luis Daniel Angilello May 29, 2012
The spokes should've been black with the aqua blue wheel ( the round part of the rim), matching the racing stripe.
Greg Lewis May 28, 2012
It's like some one with crayons got board and drew in a mustang ad...
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin May 28, 2012
Guys keep in mind these projects were women inspired
Chaz Gill May 28, 2012
Wheels need to go.
Lucki DarkChocolate May 28, 2012
If the rims were black or grey it would have been better , maybe they should have done the braking covers instead
Stan Mitchell May 28, 2012
What were they thinking with those rims in that color?
Abraham Mendoza May 28, 2012
I really like this one, just bad rim color...
John Serely May 28, 2012
Wow, I am not a fan
Patrick Schalk May 28, 2012
Love those P40 wheels but hate that color.
Description: The first two were penned by Jennifer Seely of Ford Motor Company, and the last by Theresa Contreras from L&G Enterprises. The High Gear Mustang was inspired by "jewelry, couture clothing and...
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Description: The winning design will be built by women and turned into a concept for the 2012 SEMA Motor Show, before being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund.
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Luis Daniel Angilello May 29, 2012
Mean looking, yet elegant.
Boyd Boudreaux May 28, 2012
Body color the mirror cap and it's golden
Greg Lewis May 28, 2012
Only drawback is the fogs, they are off compared to the headlights, otherwise, I like it!
P.j. Reagan May 28, 2012
Definatley a womens car
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
Not for women? I'd take it in a heartbeat
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
Can't lose with this one
Patrick Schalk May 28, 2012
This one looks pretty good. I dunno why, but the front looks really cartoony to me.
Chris Gaines May 28, 2012
built by women... not for women haha
Zachary Maurer May 28, 2012
Not my aunt Mary... Anyway, this looks fantastic
Antonio Borja May 28, 2012
winner. but put a chin spoiler and that'd be cherry like aunty Mary
Michael Evans May 28, 2012
For those who do notice the car in picture
Michael Evans May 28, 2012
But the stang is amazing
Black Honda May 28, 2012
This picture ugly the color outdoor around mustang.
Luis Daniel Angilello May 29, 2012
The color of the car doesn't bother me, but those rims look like cheap walmart hubcaps.
Greg Lewis May 28, 2012
It's not original, like was said looks like a foose design. This is just a vinyl wrap, easily done by anyone. I vote #2
P.j. Reagan May 28, 2012
Worst one yet, what will ford do bad next
Darren Nardo May 28, 2012
Looks like a Foose design!
John M Weishahn May 28, 2012
I love this one.
Tegra1 May 28, 2012
I am sorry the misspelling of not,these andriod touch pad really f-ng suck
Tegra1 May 28, 2012
The last 2 I would mind owning,but this shit colored one,well NOTE IN THIS LIFETIME