Description: BMW arrived at the 2012 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este with a new coupe concept that is quite stunning and absolutely marvelous in every sense of the word. For the new concept, BMW partner...
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Sibu Kuriachan Aug 26, 2012
Why on the earth !!! Are there no good designers for BM....?? The fascia seems to be exhausted after Constipation ...LOL cheers !!! destroyed the design..
Justin Pedoto May 30, 2012
The lower body kit looks like a F430 Scuderia if you look close enough. The front is probably the redeeming quality for the car.
Reece Agland May 29, 2012
now this is the front ens BMW have been looking for. hate the front on most new beemers, this gets it right. not sure of the profile view of the car tho.
Joshua Maghiar May 29, 2012
Call me crazy, but this is way sexier than the Alfa Romeo 8C.
Carlton Salmon May 28, 2012
I think the tiny Z's in the grille is a particularly neat touch.
Ricky Young May 28, 2012
Thank you norhiko harada
David Markham May 28, 2012
Better than what's on new 7 series....yuck
Lucas Hill May 28, 2012
Grill looks weird
Ben Shrivers May 28, 2012
Take a look at the grille and tell me what you see ;)
John Serely May 28, 2012
@Kenneth I totally agtee
Kenneth Williams May 28, 2012
The rear looks good as it is
Max Laino May 28, 2012
Old style BMW grills would look better and the back end should be fixed + it should also have rockin exhaust pipes.
Michael Evans May 28, 2012
A old style of bmw that stood out never meant to stood out for it well never come out
gammo66 May 28, 2012
yeah mean looking motor, love it
Description: The hand-built BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe Concept boasts a "vmax concept" design, meaning that it sports a very aerodynamic shape while maintaining its street-legal status. It takes classic design ...
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Description: Of the new concept, Zagato's head designer Norihiko Harada said that "For me, the BMW Zagato Coupe holds a very special magic. It exudes a certain spontaneity which, when combined with the t...
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Tin Nguyen May 28, 2012
The first zagato I actually like.
Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
Yes way better than most ferraris and lamborghinis.
Erik Olsen May 28, 2012
Much better than Eric Clayton's $1B Ferrari!
Tegra1 May 28, 2012
First where can I get the money,and second where can I get one,nice beemer
Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
dont like the back
Dwayne Contadino May 30, 2012
Very good photos. Would love to own this beast
Dom Nolan May 29, 2012
It's the classic zagato rear end shape
Kenneth Williams May 29, 2012
Yea they didn't just up and say "hey you see that new viper? Lets redo the entire rear to look like it...." cars are usually in R&D for a long time. Especially the design which usually comes first and everything else follows.
Justin Routh May 29, 2012
Plus why would a company like Zagato have any reason to copy the viper?
Justin Routh May 29, 2012
Keep in mind the new viper pics were just released not too long ago. Im sure this car has been in the works for longer than that.
Luis Daniel Angilello May 29, 2012
It looks like an expensive Prius. I dunno, I just wrote that to piss y'all off! LOL!
Kenneth Williams May 28, 2012
It looks so good from this angle
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
I can't afford a viper but this beast will look nice next to my m3
Inderjot Sidhu May 28, 2012
I see the small resemblance to the Viper sure BUT for the most part it doesn't look like it at all. It reminds me more of the z's. And to claim this was stolen from the Viper you'd have to admit Viper ripped it off Maserati first.
Clint Edwards May 28, 2012
@Reid I don't think that's what he meant. I usually don't like it when people start "looks like x" but c'mon. Same proportion, same rear, same blacked out area between the lights, hell even the same color
Αδωνις Βασιλείου May 28, 2012
Anyone seeing an Alfa Romeo 8C with a BMW badge?
Reid Huff May 28, 2012
I know , a mid engine creates a different look to the car.
Dale Fredriks May 28, 2012
@Reid We're talking about design, not engineering here.
Reid Huff May 28, 2012
The miura was the first mid engined supercar but we don't call every other mid engined car a miura copy. this does not look that much like it. it is a car with similar proportions.
Brandon BeRock Campbell May 28, 2012
tell me that back end isn't almost identical. Presuming that BMW continues with current rates on products, add the price of its interior and engine its going to be over $120000. Rip off might be a little rough , but it definitely is a very close resemblance minus the front.
Matt Robbins May 28, 2012
The Viper's lines and proportions are iconic. You know you have a bad a&& design when high end companies "borrow" from it.
John Serely May 28, 2012
@brandon it is a concept, not a real production car (yet...). They did not even mention price dumbass
Reid Huff May 28, 2012
it has some similar elements but it is not a rip off. nobody would confuse the two.
Brandon BeRock Campbell May 28, 2012
Over priced viper rip off
Clint Edwards May 28, 2012
I thought that too. Not that that's a bad thing
Extremis Colson May 28, 2012
it does resemble the viper!!! biters!
Danyaal Farooq May 28, 2012
Wow...I never really noticed but it does look kinda similar to the new SRT viper coupe
Brad Wood May 28, 2012
Introducing the all new "BMW SRT Zagato Viper Coupe".
Michael Fasanello Jun 13, 2012
Damn, this rear ruins it. Too bad, rest is sweet.
Ryan Delano Thomas May 31, 2012
Lower the trunk, add some aggressive lines and maybe a carbon fibre lip and diffuser please?
Justin Pedoto May 30, 2012
That rear end could use a good amount of work, they should lower the trunk lid by a few inches
Chris Kleyweg May 29, 2012
Looked great until I saw the rear end!
Kenneth Williams May 29, 2012
That doesn't even dignify a real response
Luis Daniel Angilello May 29, 2012
Expensive Prius!
Domi Bsaibes May 28, 2012
I know! German and italian just doesn't mix up!
Axel Larsson May 28, 2012
@Domi It's half Italian!
Dale Fredriks May 28, 2012
Soooo much better than the current Z4.
Domi Bsaibes May 28, 2012
It just doesn't look german.
Matt Piccolo May 28, 2012
That's one sexy car!!
Kevin Jugelz Pooe Jun 02, 2012
It this a merger between BMW and Zagato or BMW Alfa and dodge .... Looks like all three put together
.JAY.JONES. May 30, 2012
my new wallpaper :)
Lou Guerrero May 29, 2012
Classic sports car proportions. Long ass hood. Short rear deck. Still looks great and hardly ever fails.
Kai Andrew Carlson May 28, 2012
It's an amazing looking design. If I could afford it I would have one, if produced.
Troy Kessler May 28, 2012
Looks like an Alfa 8c and a viper had a baby ..
Inderjot Sidhu May 28, 2012
I don't see the new viper. I see more of a hatchback styles design. Italian ass and German front. The viper is longer, lower, and wider. And it ripped off its back lights from Maserati. The lights on this follow the current BMW design language.
Hektor Yberg May 28, 2012
The wheel arches reminds me of the continental gt
Aislin Cooper May 28, 2012
Wow that's incredible.
Stan Mitchell May 28, 2012
Man it does look like the new Viper a lot, though.
Alex Semaan May 28, 2012
If you think about it, it honestly just looks like and updated version of the z4, and coincidentally looks kind of like the new viper. I just wouldn't go as far to say that they took the design from the new viper.
Louis Marr May 28, 2012
Looks weirdly like the new viper
Lou Guerrero May 29, 2012
Can't decide if I like this yet
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
It has sexy lines like my all time favorite the Z8
Jordan Smith May 28, 2012
If the Viper had a German little cousin, this would be it. That's not a bad thing though. It still looks great.
Ben August May 28, 2012
Oh where's all the viper comments?
Nick Schnee May 28, 2012
Now that's some seriously awesome body work.
Justin Pedoto May 30, 2012
I like the front end, but it should have a different badge. Actually I think this whole car looks like it should bee an Alfa Romeo
William Perry May 29, 2012
Looks like the Frisker Surf in some ways
Michael Serrano May 28, 2012
Look the viper and the z4 had a kid!
Dillon Dixon May 28, 2012
See! Why can't BMW make good looking cars like this all the time! This has curves and nice lines unlike almost all the new BMW's
Stephen Reed Warren II May 28, 2012
Its like a Z4's daddy
Devin Babyn May 28, 2012
This has to be one of, if not the best looking BMW ever
statusone May 30, 2012
the ass is a little much
Alanda Burroughs May 29, 2012
Ewwww...the profile is horrendous!
Corey Alan Kelley May 28, 2012
I feel like the front end is shit From the end of the hood to the rear is good but the front looks like every other z4
Duncan Jolley May 28, 2012
Looks like a different car
Ben August May 28, 2012
OoooOOoh it looks so much like a viper ! Ugh- looks nothing like one.
David Markham May 28, 2012
I liked it all the way up to here.
Brandon Lidy May 28, 2012
Looks like a BMW and Zagato collaboration. I wonder why
Jay Jammage May 28, 2012
It looks like a miniature FF
gammo66 May 28, 2012
awesome this is one of the nicest lookin cars around, I want 1
Johnny Hoover May 28, 2012
Bad pic on this one looks squished
Inderjot Sidhu May 28, 2012
Now that looks NOTHING like a Viper.
Varinder Pawar May 28, 2012
Pop up screen? The dash seems inspired from audi.