Comments - Aston Martin Preview 2014 DBS with AM310 Concept

Published: May 28, 2012
Description: At the relatively low-key Concorso d'Eleganza event held at Lake Como over the weekend, Aston Martin brought along the AM310 Concept. Although it has 'Concept' in its name, the AM310 is...
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Thibault Leroy May 30, 2012
So its not the DB9 sucessor
Alex Flolo May 29, 2012
This Aston martin really looks nice!!!
Steven Wilson May 28, 2012
This is the most beautiful Aston Yet!
Description: Aston Martin revealed that the AM310 is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 and was made using lots of carbon fiber, which features in the bodywork and chassis.
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Carlton Salmon May 29, 2012
Nothing wrong with that, Lou. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, especially when the basic DB9 shape looks so good.
Lou Guerrero May 29, 2012
I see Aston are contempt with adopting the Porsche philosophy on design.
Kai Andrew Carlson May 28, 2012
I don't think it's really over priced. Your paying for a car that's elegant, beautiful, and performs. Its a bit of class mixed with some race heritage. Totally worth it in my book...even if I could never afford to get one unless I won the lotto.
Tin Nguyen May 28, 2012
Those rims have to go. I agree they need to improve on performance. For a $300k car it's way under powered.
Jack Nicholas Connor May 28, 2012
Why don't they go ahead and put it into production? It looks and sounds great. Hopefully they will actually make it fast. A supercar with a v12 needs a better 0-60 time than 4 seconds at best
Hank Austin May 28, 2012
No... It does not
Josh Negron May 28, 2012
Exactly... Gorgeous!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 28, 2012
Looks like the last 3 aston martin models
Terrance Parker Jun 01, 2012
Looks like it has excellent downforce.
Zeus Mocha May 28, 2012
Na IMO it looks just right
Micah Lau May 28, 2012
That splitter looks out of place. Perhaps it wouldn't have drawn my attention had it need body color coded.
Description: Styling cues from the One-77 are evident in the profile of the concept, notably in the sharper front & rear fenders, and the stretched 'C' shaped taillights.
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Jason Levy May 28, 2012
This picture doesn't do the car enough justice. Looks much better in person
John Serely May 28, 2012
@zues I tried that and I still see a black box JK
Zeus Mocha May 28, 2012
Your not looking hard enough, take the apple device and put it against your nose and stare for one minute. Then shall you see the magnificence of the blank black box
Chris Penza May 28, 2012
What's up with the random black box on the screen?
Description: We should learn more about the engine in the coming weeks but we expect to see a more powerful version of the V12 coupled with a lighter, more improved variation of the current model's chassis. I...
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Kelun Wang May 29, 2012
IMO the one-77 is the most beautiful Aston but this is an extremely close second place
Melvin Cerrillo May 29, 2012
Everybody says "I'm drooling" but probably aren't. I literally am salivating right now. This is amazing.
Cory Shender May 29, 2012
Just when I thought Aston couldn't make a more beautiful machine... They show me this.
Bobby Bob May 28, 2012
Those rims are fantastic
Anthony Minicozzi May 28, 2012
wow this is great. aston really stepping it up lately
Ghaith AL-sharari May 28, 2012
The splitter looks nice
Zeus Mocha May 28, 2012
I second that Scott
Tanner Middleton May 28, 2012
if i saw this driving by me id probly crash my car its soo friggin beautiful
Michael Anfang May 28, 2012
I saw it I was like this is the best looking car I've seen in a VERY long time
Scott Westphall May 28, 2012
Stunning. Nobody makes cars a beautiful as Aston does.
Casper Due Hansen May 28, 2012
Best looking Aston Martin EVER!
Sebastian Alborta May 28, 2012
I think this car is just perfect!!
Jerry Cole May 28, 2012
manuel g. May 28, 2012
I agree its an amazing design but, if I'm going to spend 250k on an Aston I would'nt want it to look exactly like an Aston thats 100k less.
Jackson Michael May 28, 2012
I can also see some elements from the One-77, which definitely isn't bad
Dillon Dixon May 28, 2012
Aston is a lot like Porsche. They evolve the design. This does look a lot like a DBS still. I can see the differences, but it's still very similar.
Hank Austin May 28, 2012
Aston is not porsche... Does this look like the current DBS? Not really...
Hank Austin May 28, 2012
Yes this looks like a virage... But as you can see there is a different back end, a different bumper, sharper profile lines, and more slanted/exaggerated hood lines... It's like a virage but WAY better and if you took like 5 minutes to copy and paste a picture of a virage and this next to one another the differences would be immense
Josh Negron May 28, 2012
That's the point... They just made this concept, they know it looks like an Aston... But it's not a carbon-copy. They are evolving their brand, and it turned out incredible! Maybe you don't see it... Why ruin a gorgeous design--just evolve it!
manuel g. May 28, 2012
It looks good but it also looks like every other Aston
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
This thing is toooo damn beautiful can't stop staring at it
Lucas Hill May 28, 2012
Looks kind of the same
Redge Diakité May 28, 2012
The back looks like an Evora but it's Still magnificent
Jordan Smith May 28, 2012
It's the roundest!
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
I absolutely adore everything about this car... Except for the tacky looking rims
Desmond Rieck May 28, 2012
Dear lord it's beautiful.
Hank Austin May 28, 2012
That spoiler is so cool... I think they took some stuff from the V12 vantage zagato with that back/roof line
Cole Rocheleau May 29, 2012
Since you pay 300k so often right?
Amir Hadar May 29, 2012
The "concept" was a spelling mistake. Don't get me wrong,it could have been a really great car if the virage wasn't already in production and the same with the One-77,but hey, I guess I'm the only one who hates to pay about 300k and then to find out that my car looks like a combination of others.
Kazam Siraj May 29, 2012
Concept don't make me laugh it looks like everything els they make a brand identity is one thing but all cars looking the same is another and it's a concept lol
Zaire Wilkins May 29, 2012
i like it the way it is
Luke Purdy May 28, 2012
Don't worry about the wheels or the roof, it's only a concept. I'm loving the back end a lot, very different
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
The old DBS looks sooo boxy in comparison. Such subtle changes goes a long way
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
They look exactly like the one-77's tailights actually just the outer parts though but hey that isn't a bad thing
Josh Negron May 28, 2012
One 77 is not a concept, brah. Limited production run of 77... And I don't get the roof comment either.
John Serely May 28, 2012
@amir have you seen the one-77's taillights? They are pretty different from this
Nav Sidhu May 28, 2012
Hold up did u just say one-77 concept ?????
Amir Hadar May 28, 2012
I don't think its pretty. The tail lamp were taken from the One-77 concept,the front is a larger,sharper virage, and the roof is just hideous
gammo66 May 28, 2012
great looking as always from aston but not feeling the wheels on this look a bit aftermarket
statusone May 30, 2012
i love everythin but tHe chintsy spoiler
Amir Hadar May 29, 2012
Though the rims look great
Riley Gonzales May 28, 2012
I love the fenders on this car. its like the british challenger with those hips :D
Ghaith AL-sharari May 28, 2012
I love those taillights
Kris C. Lopez May 28, 2012
I've always loved integrated rear spoilers. That's why the NSX is my favorite car
Zaire Wilkins May 29, 2012
and a top speed of 196
Christo Savaides May 28, 2012
The car in the background is the 1,088hp Rimac Automobili Concept One.
Alex Corkum May 28, 2012
That is not a koenigsegg in the bg
Jordan Smith May 28, 2012
That red car in the background is that 2000hp electric car. The Rimac or something like that.
Anthony Minicozzi May 28, 2012
definitley an agera in the bg
Abraham Mendoza May 28, 2012
Nah, its that electric super car with 1000 hp. I forgot the name but they did an article not too long ago.
Grant Boshart May 28, 2012
What's that car behind it?