Comments - Unearthed: 2001 BMW Z8

Published: May 27, 2012
Description: There was a time when BMW struggled to survive. Although it's hard to believe, BMW wasn't always the powerhouse automaker it is today. In the wake of World War II, BMW needed to once again t...
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Will Revene May 30, 2012
No matter how many your dealer has had, it doesnt chance the fact there were 252 made.
Kenneth Williams May 28, 2012
They are rare your dealer just has connections
Arben Imeri May 28, 2012
My dealer has had 3 of these in 2 years. There not that rare
Description: As gorgeous as that car was and some famous owners such as Elvis Presley, it nearly bankrupted BMW. Over the years, the few that remain in existence have become highly prized collectables and it later...
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Riley Di Pol May 28, 2012
My friends got one of these it's an awesome car
Josh Banning May 28, 2012
It is a rare car. Alright you've seem 2 of them, but how many cars have you seen in total? 2 is nothing compared to that number
Josh Banning May 28, 2012
If I was ever driving this and saw a helicopter I would be sh*t scared
Cody Gillard May 28, 2012
hey i have one of these in need for speed hot pursuit 2 great car
Timothy Hooker May 27, 2012
if there is one in my town then they are not rare...and there is one in my town
Zach Hill May 27, 2012
I've always loved this thing. I've seen two in my life and never forgot it. They did sound great and surprisingly large in person!
Jordan Smith May 27, 2012
I've seen a few of these and 2 times it was on the road. They don't seem that rare to me. They're quite nice looking though.
James Patrick Delaney May 27, 2012
I think a lot of people are getting this confused with the z3 and z4 which IMO have nothing on the z8, they are rare and pretty quick, and they sound awesome
Jesper Jensen May 27, 2012
Dale they are both very poor at handling according to Top Gear
Dale Fredriks May 27, 2012
I thought these cars were crap. Didn't they have awful handling and shoddy build quality? Or was that the Alpina Z8?
Rueben J Yslas May 27, 2012
I've actually driven a z8 They are 10 times better than the z3s and z4s And such a better interior.
John Serely May 27, 2012
Great looking car. And to whoever said they are not rare, they are very rare actually. I have never seen one in person on the road, or in a car show
Mohamad Easa May 27, 2012
This car was in james bond movie "The World is Not Enough (1999)"
Michael Kozlowski May 27, 2012
Guy down the street from me has one of these. It's so unique to see.
Darren Nardo May 27, 2012
One of my favorite!! So weird to hear a BMW with a muscle car burble!!!!
Timothy Hooker May 27, 2012
why I said for the cash...all the cars you listed are considerably cheaper
Abraham Mendoza May 27, 2012
I think this car is fantastic, its not supposed to be super fast, but comfy and powerful. Like the original.
Phillip Holbrook May 27, 2012
@Tim, a slow car huh? You should compare it 0-62 with the Cayman, the 2012 M3 coupe and 1M coupe. For an 11 year old vehicle its pretty fast actually.
Duncan Jolley May 27, 2012
At first it's cool but then your realize that the z4 is better. It would be cool if BMW rereleased this.
Timothy Hooker May 27, 2012
pretty slow car for so much cash
Jackson Rojas May 27, 2012
I just saw one of these a week ago, I got to look inside and hear it start up
rahp May 27, 2012
I've seen lots of z3s .. but never seen a z8 .. I like this. its a lot better looking than z3 or z4.
Matt Piccolo May 27, 2012
In all honestly I like the z4 a lot better
Theviper007 May 27, 2012
I see these all the time how is this rare
Kenneth Williams May 27, 2012
Yes. And least known also. I talk about the Z8 to some people and they just have a blank stare like what??
Phillip Holbrook May 27, 2012
Probably BMW's finest roadster
Rockesh Boulder May 27, 2012
I saw q black on the highway on my trip in California
Description: The Z8 roadster went on sale in 1999 and was intended from get-go to be a limited production model. All told, 5,703 units were built and half of them were sent to the U.S. It was an immediate hit and ...
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Byakka Hirakawa May 28, 2012
Wow Im impressed BMW
Theviper007 May 27, 2012
799 are in sarasoata
Description: Built on an all-aluminum chassis, BMW claimed it could go from 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds, but some automotive publications claimed slightly faster times. Like most BMWs, top speed was electronically ...
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Byakka Hirakawa May 28, 2012
Now for the weight vs power Im not so impressed bmw
Zach Hill May 27, 2012
Never seen one with the hardtop fitted. I like it a lot. Kinda looks Weismann.
Henz Herrero May 27, 2012
No wonder ive never seen one of these.. They only made 555
Josh ?hompson May 27, 2012
It may be the same one but they moved it. Look at the shadow
John Serely May 27, 2012
@theviper yep it is a continental supersports in the window
Matthew Mckernan May 27, 2012
Personally, I've always thought this was a very ugly car.
Mohamad Easa May 27, 2012
this BMW Z8 was in James Bond movie " The World is Not Enough (1999)"
Ben Norton May 27, 2012
Michael- all of the Z8s came with a hardtop
Theviper007 May 27, 2012
actualy no its not
Theviper007 May 27, 2012
I think i know this place its the lambo dealer in clark road they have a Bentley and z8
Theviper007 May 27, 2012
I see a Bentley inside the building
Kenneth Williams May 27, 2012
I've never seen one in person. This is the only convertible I'd drive
Chris O'Brien May 27, 2012
I like how this shot is completely different from the first one.
Reid Huff May 27, 2012
I see two of them a lot. They look amazing.
Stephen Cobbs May 27, 2012
I've seen on in real life. An amazing car to say the least.
Description: BMW was intent on making the Z8 a pure driver's machine and wanted an unimpeded view of the hood and road by placing the gauge cluster in the middle of the dash. Production ended in 2002. The Z8 ...
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Description: Only 555 Z8 Alpinas were built and 450 went to the U.S. While the Alpina version wasn't as popular, both remain highly sought after today. This 2001 Z8 Roadster has just 6,800 miles on the odomet...
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Das Stig May 27, 2012
a guy in the neighborhood next to me just bought a black one.
Zach Dougie Mahan May 27, 2012
There's one at Ferrari of Atlanta for 80,000
Kevin Larey May 27, 2012
This car is in Jonesboro, AR.
Zachary Crowley May 27, 2012
Read the article.. Plus the only time I've ever seen one was in Houston Cars & Coffee
Craig Lafey May 27, 2012
I saw one of these up close a few months ago and don't get me wrong, there gorgeous but 125k? Were they limited production or something?
Jesper Jensen May 27, 2012
Danish design love it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia May 27, 2012
Ive seen this building before these are the same people that wer selling a veyron on ebay
Gianni Vega May 27, 2012
The Door handle is sweet. It's very sleek.
xenozonda May 27, 2012
simple... cool... beautiful... bmw needs to remember those design elements.
gammo66 May 27, 2012
I agree this is a great looking car & actually looks more modern than the z3 & the mk1 z4
Ryan Bertram Jul 16, 2013
Reminds me more of the f type lights rather than porsche
Hektor Yberg May 27, 2012
Isn't that the new Porsche lights?
Kyle Hardisty May 27, 2012
Steering wheel looks way to big for the car.
Bright Spark May 27, 2012
Excellent design and a good one still north of 100k
Zach Hill May 27, 2012
Again, sorta Weismann. Which is ironic...
Danny Gonzalez May 27, 2012
It does look like the SLS :P but cool tho!
Alex Bouckley May 27, 2012
Love that rear end
Michael Evans May 27, 2012
Man that top seems like it fits with gaps almost like it's none removable
Garrett Murrell May 27, 2012
Bentley in the background.
Phillip Holbrook May 27, 2012
That interior is nicer than most of the newer ones.
Thad Macaranas May 27, 2012
I don't like the steering wheel.
nhra man233 May 30, 2012
this is a Z5 not a Z8