Comments - Rare Finds: Fully Remodeled Old School Classics

Published: May 27, 2012
Description: For us here at CarBuzz, almost anything with a powerful V8, dual exhaust and a sharp design is a great car to have. For others, mostly the 55 and up crowd, the only cool cars, mainly hot rods, were f...
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Description: Take a look at the rebuilt 1959 Coupe De Ville, which has been decked out with glamorous chrome features. This blast from the past took almost six years to rebuild and features a custom-built chassis ...
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William David Nov 01, 2014
Beautiful, I would drive that
Johnny Wong Dec 29, 2013
Holy nice whip
Lee Cascio May 28, 2012
Imagine how long it takes to wash and wax this beast. Sure would be worth it though.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 28, 2012
The original is better, but this looks amazing as well!
Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
I'd rather it be restored to actual originality.
Brenton Cozby May 28, 2012
probably weighs 7000 lbs
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator May 27, 2012
Right hand drive because its from Australia. Probably converted from LHD for ease of use in Aus.
Darren Nardo May 27, 2012
This took a ton of work and money !
relyt May 27, 2012
I think it'd look better stock but I still respect the amount of work this took.
Edgar Jauregui May 27, 2012
It's funny... But I had a Hot Wheels that looked just like this. it looks amazing though!
wfdowns May 27, 2012
@abraham, its ok there is a sheet on the floor
Greg Lewis May 27, 2012
That hood is longer than a Prius! Classic American ride!
Chris Dimattia May 27, 2012
Why is it right hand drive?
Abraham Mendoza May 27, 2012
Even though its Air Ride suspension, I wouldn't want my car to literally sit on the ground. There could be some gum on the ground.
Lou Guerrero May 27, 2012
@ I bet that's not an easy task
Zach Hill May 27, 2012
Wow. Somebody actually figured out how to do a decent chop on a bubble top Cad.
Brandon Whybrew May 27, 2012
its Called air ride.... you hit a button it raises up to drive
Jordan Smith May 27, 2012
I agree it's a little bit too low, but it looks amazing.
Nick Schnee May 27, 2012
It's a little to low, IMO.
James Buster May 27, 2012
It's not original at all
Description: Bruno Konecsni is the proud owner of a vintage 1960 Corvair Corsa convertible and a lime-green fully restored 1970 Formula 400 Firebird. He has owned the Firebird over 40 years and claims it is faster...
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Trent Griffin May 27, 2012
The Corvair below is NOT a 60
Bobby Mccracken May 28, 2012
This one is the latest model Corvair. Not '61. Probably a '65.
Trent Griffin May 27, 2012
Only the 60-62 were unsafe....all the others handled great....I had a 60, 61, and a 65....
Carlton Salmon May 27, 2012
Ralph Nader said they were 'unsafe at any speed. This one looks really nice though. And to answer the question whether they were originally rear-engined or mid-engined, they were definitely rear engined.
Kris C. Lopez May 27, 2012
Not mid engined it's rear lol like a 911
wfdowns May 27, 2012
im assuming since it mentioned the no back seat its in the corvair
Phillip Greene May 27, 2012
Wait did he put the vett motor in the t/a or this? Cuz corveirs are all ready mid engined
Thorben Jan�en May 27, 2012
this car is seeeeexyyyy!!
Abraham Mendoza May 27, 2012
Yeah they won't EXPLODE when you turn the key. That's Lancia.
Timothy Hooker May 27, 2012
I love this car...maybe im suicidal
Ben Norton May 27, 2012
They really aren't that dangerous. If you drive it right you'll be fine
Jackson Rojas May 27, 2012
one of the worlds most dangerous cars
Dillon Dixon May 27, 2012
I always loved the corvair. This one looks so clean.
Description: This '67 Buick Wildcat is a thing of beauty. Check out the excellent condition of the chrome bumpers, window trim and brightwork. Rebuilt several years ago, its owner points out that it still pu...
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Chaz Gill May 28, 2012
Needs that much hp standard just to pull its own weight.
Dylan Bruder May 28, 2012
My dad had one many many years ago he wants another so bad
Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
Yah buicks should have v8s.
Evan Cook May 27, 2012
Buick was cool until 2011....the Lucerne was the last cool Buick. V8 magnetic ride control, heated seats steering wheel. Picked one up for $9,000
Abraham Mendoza May 27, 2012
Ahh Buick, when you used to be cool.
Description: This jaw dropping 1953 Buick Skylark is finished in a beautiful Mandarin Red Poly over the Skylark-specific red and white leather interior. The car is a prime example of what is possible when dreams c...
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Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
Copy each others incredibly toyotaish boring designs too.
Irish May 27, 2012
Classic beauty, shame most modern car designers have to copy each other.