Description: Wheelsandmore, the Baesweiler-based tuning firm, has gone with the slogan "The future is green" for their latest project. Dubbed the "Green Beret," the program for the Lamborghini ...
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Description: That means the 5.2-liter V10 now produces 620hp instead of 570hp and 577 lb-ft of torque instead of 540 lb-ft. For styling purposes, Wheelsandmore has added a set of 20-inch three-piece 6Sporz wheels ...
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Micah Lau May 28, 2012
@ Dale: "beef up the power to a moderate level..." 620HP is more than moderate. I suppose the power was beefed up moderately, however.
Matty Michaels May 27, 2012
IMO Lambos can't do rims with an even number of spokes.
Anthony Minicozzi May 27, 2012
nothing can beat the lp1000-4, not even this
Justin Routh May 27, 2012
One of the best tunes ive seen. Also one of the simplest
Carlton Salmon May 27, 2012
Totally agree, Chris.
John Serely May 27, 2012
@chris you are totally right
Chris Penza May 27, 2012
Yeah I like this company they always know what they're doing and what they shouldn't do
Dale Fredriks May 27, 2012
See, this is quality tuning. Beef up the power to a moderate level, and don't screw around with the beautiful Italian design.
Jackson Rojas May 27, 2012
that's good tuning
Domi Bsaibes May 27, 2012
Another nicely done tuning from wheelsandmore! I love this company!
Ghaith AL-sharari May 27, 2012
Those rims look sick
Mark Donnelly May 28, 2012
@anthony most Superleggeras are already bicolour so you are just sad and before anyone else says anything i know you can get them in just one colour too
Anthony Minicozzi May 27, 2012
i hate the bicolore
Kyle Anderson May 28, 2012
If I was rich I know what I'd be buying.
Zeus Mocha May 27, 2012
That stance is so sweet
Bobby Bob May 28, 2012
This angle just reminds me of old rap videos with rappers showing off their poorly designed bling cars..
Antonio Falsetti May 27, 2012
Yeah makes the front end look funny.
Thomas Isnt Green May 27, 2012
I hate this angle
Jrias Fosh May 27, 2012
I thought the carbon ceramic option was standard on the Gallardo S's?
Dominic Gaudio May 31, 2012
Am I the only one who realized that those seats look pretty much identical to the Revénton's
Tanner Middleton May 27, 2012
should have green stiching.
John Serely May 27, 2012
One of my favorite interiors made today. Love the carbon fiber and alacantra/suede
Jackson Rojas May 27, 2012
yeah those look sweet
thelornin May 27, 2012
Oo I like those switches
Carlos Ernesto Garcia May 27, 2012
Yea maybe the lamborghini and thase lines along with some other detailing
Evan Johnson May 27, 2012
Should have made the engine green as well. That would have looked sweet