Description: If you are of the opinion that the design of the new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG needs messing with then German Special Customs provides something interesting to chew over. Dubbed the Goldstorm, the well-pr...
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Description: The gold paint job is not a prerequisite for getting the custom body kit, which is a good thing as given the amount of new holes the styling package provides, you'll end up driving around somethi...
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Grant Paquin May 27, 2012
Just another reason to hit the lotto-
Thorben Jan�en May 27, 2012
probably the most expensive Swiss cheese ever ;)
Lee Cascio May 28, 2012
They ruined the rugged boxy look of the G with round tail lights.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 28, 2012
Never liked any body kits on the G. The stock is so much better.
Isaac Taylor May 28, 2012
Body kit is too much for me
Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
Stock is better I think.
Hank Austin May 28, 2012
The only word I can think of to describe this car is tacky
Justin Routh May 27, 2012
Kanye is that you again?
Elias Harb May 27, 2012
Dnt like the color though
Elias Harb May 27, 2012
Holy shit that looks sweeeeeet
Zachary Maurer May 27, 2012
Lol ya Playmobile
Jerrod Swenson May 27, 2012
Body by Playmobil.
Chris O'Brien May 27, 2012
sorry, yes they do. actually i'm not sorry.
Nawaf Alrashed Mar 17, 2013
Yep :)
Khalid Al Muhairi Jun 01, 2012
The lights are from rolls-royce ghost
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 28, 2012
The headlights are kind of cool, but the rest is really unnecessary.
Taylor Little May 28, 2012
I don't like the car itself, also don't like the body kit.
Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
I like these stock a lot! Silver is a really good color for them.
Grant Paquin May 27, 2012
In a matte finish, this would kill it.
Avery Williams May 27, 2012
Looks like a cheese cube to me but it's ok.
KyleM May 27, 2012
STOP doing this stuff to capable SUVs! Stick to the Honda Civics please.
Alex Vasquez May 27, 2012
The least aerodynamic suv ever!! But I love the way their dump exhausts sound.
Hon Mok May 27, 2012
It's the most expensive yellow school bus!
Andrew Hossann May 27, 2012
I think gsc has been doing some pretty bad ass designs lately
John Serely May 27, 2012
Hmm...take the body kit off keep the color. I actually like gold g-wagons lol
Zeus Mocha May 27, 2012
Agreed, the color and most of the body kit has got to go. Other that that, I would like to see that headlight on a stock G, although there is nothing wrong with the stock G class.
Dale Fredriks May 27, 2012
I don't find it appalling, I just find into a by overwhelming with all the yellow. Yeah, paint it gunmetal grey, then we're firing on all cylinders.
Jackson Rojas May 27, 2012
I don't like it, at all
Anthony Surdo May 27, 2012
That is just horrible!!!!!
Jackson Michael May 27, 2012
They ruined the best SUV on the market
Reid Huff May 27, 2012
Once again I have to say this but. This car looks amazing compared to the Civicgatti.
Taylor Greenfield May 27, 2012
It needs bigger rims to compensate the widebidy kit!
Mike Ross May 27, 2012
Agree with jordan
Jordan Smith May 27, 2012
I like the front end design, but not the widebody or the color. It needs a dark metallic grey.
Noah Malott May 27, 2012
Cooler than a normal G
Noah Malott May 27, 2012
Kool meaning different
Josh Banning May 27, 2012
I am never going to be able to sleep again after I have seen this and the yellow cayenne
Retrospekt May 27, 2012
Gold nugget on wheels
Ashen Fonseka May 27, 2012
Ru blind that's fugly
Noah Malott May 27, 2012
Sort of looks kool
Jerrod Swenson May 27, 2012
GSC? Must be an abbreviation for Gold Shit Can.
David Pires-Ihsaan May 27, 2012
G63. i read it wrong also.
Thorben Jan�en May 27, 2012
why is this article under C63 AMG?