Description: Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs or a memorable night out on the town in Guangzhou, this last-generation stretched Porsche Cayenne Turbo S limo is well equipped to get a group of well-oiled passen...
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Jackson Michael May 27, 2012
Oh good, now my Jewish Chinese friends can arrive at their bar mitzvahs in style
Description: Unfortunately, it doesn't make for pretty viewing with the gaudy brown-on-tan leather sofas and seventies' style carpet particularly bad design features. Naturally it has the obligatory drin...
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Paul Lissona May 28, 2012
Yah 70's has to have some kind of green in the interior this doesn't at all. Back then they had blue red or green interiors.
Barry Lird May 27, 2012
Mmmmm midget strippers. My fav!!
Devin Babyn May 27, 2012
Needs way more liquor if it's gonna be a memorable night
Zachary Maurer May 27, 2012
-bottom right of picture- Yes car...more like no car
Jerrod Swenson May 27, 2012
If it had big brass handles, wagon wheels, shag carpeting and an avocado and burnt sienna color scheme I would say 70's. This just looks like they bought some casino remnants to decorate with.
Michael Douglas May 27, 2012
Yeah and watch midget strippers
Cham Khiev May 27, 2012
Put a pole in this bitch n we'll be in buisness !!
Bizzle May 27, 2012
Where's the strippers??
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 01, 2012
Now that's a pimp-mobile!
David Pires-Ihsaan May 27, 2012
its like those meme pictures where they just get closer and closer to a horrible thing in the photo..
Dale Schroeder May 28, 2012
They should have stretched the luggage rails to fit the entire roof too.
relyt May 27, 2012
Kill it, kill it with fire.
Julian Rasolko May 27, 2012
Wayyyyy too long
Michael Evans May 27, 2012
Try to park this in walmart
Darren Martin May 29, 2012
Couldhave changed the rims
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 28, 2012
I can't believe they ruined a Turbo S model!
Joe Fats Harper May 27, 2012
They probly need the turbo S model just to move its massive weight
Zachary Maurer May 27, 2012
At least they made it the highest performance model, but knowing china they just added the badge