Posted on: May 26, 2012
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Ever Wanted to Own a DeLorean (Bicycle)?

Getting this DeLorian to 88mph will be no easy task.
Stephen Wynne, president of the new, Texas-based incarnation of DeLorean Motor Company, has announced the launch of the DeLorean Bicycle. No joke. The first model of the DeLorean bike is called the Anyday and will be tied into the legendary brand with a frame that has been constructed from stainless steel, which looks really cool. DeLorean insists this will provide for an excellent ride, frame stiffness and a high level of durability.
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Other features include an 11-speed hub, hydraulic front and rear brakes, carbon fiber forks and a gel saddle. Unfortunately for 'Back to the Future' fans, this incarnation of the DeLorean does not have Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown's time travel device - the flux capacitor. If you have $5,500 just lying around, this is your best chance yet to have your very own DeLorean - the brand at least.

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