Comments - Sweet Video of the Wiesmann Spring Festival

Published: May 25, 2012
Description: Every year Wiesmann like to bring in the spring with their own version of the Fruhlingsfest, a spring festival that brings together Wiesmann lovers from across Germany and beyond.
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Zach Hill May 27, 2012
I love these cars too! Wish we had them in the states.
Morgan Fairless May 26, 2012
I guess they are sort of the same cos most of the time both cars have bmw engines
Barry Boo Wilson May 25, 2012
Some of my favorite cars. Love the way all if them look.
Sean Win May 25, 2012
Wiesmann is better than Morgan in quality ?
Thibault Leroy May 25, 2012
i personaly find these cars ugly but thats just my opinion
Sascha Wyss May 25, 2012
Thanks marcin :D
Andrew Wright May 25, 2012
I love these cars
Marcin Bednarski May 25, 2012
Congratulations :)
Sascha Wyss May 25, 2012
Proud to work at those cars!
Marcin Bednarski May 25, 2012
It is lovely car. It is connecting past design with very modern technology. Great car. Maybe one day i will be able to have it :)
Description: The weekend event took place at the end of March, and now perennial supercar video maker SpotterGijs has put together this awesome video short, with behind the scenes footage and other quality snippet...
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David Pires-Ihsaan May 25, 2012
mf5 gt... ohhh yes.
Sascha Wyss May 27, 2012
Im not shoure if you know me? Im just allot on carbuzz so mayby u've seen one of my comments? And yes wiesmann are great cars from the outside classy and the inside full of newest bmw technick :)
.JAY.JONES. May 25, 2012
sasha, do I know you from somewhere? Ive seen your name a lot, but I love this car, hopefully I can afford one in the next couple of years ;)
Sascha Wyss May 25, 2012
again proud to work with them! our tunen mf5 roadster got around 720hp thats sick!
Ghaith AL-sharari May 25, 2012
That car is sexy
David Eslava May 25, 2012
Most beautiful stripe ever painted on a car.
Frederick Perez May 27, 2012
Green for me- i wish this could be easy haha
Buddy Robinson May 25, 2012
I'll have to take the silver grey with the tan soft top
Andrew Wright May 25, 2012
Silver with black soft top
Killian Wright May 25, 2012
I'll take the white with red roof please!
John Serely May 25, 2012
Blacked out soft top for me
Paul Dickey May 25, 2012
Dark grey hard top for me.
Ghaith AL-sharari May 25, 2012
I'll take the Matt black one please