Comments - GEMBALLA Engineer Genuine Diamond Coating for Cars

Published: May 25, 2012
Description: Gold-plated cars were once the pinnacle of ostentatious car finishes but they will soon be playing second fiddle to a new, more extravagant automotive finish that has been engineered using real diamon...
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Description: "Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient - not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals."
By grinding the diamonds down into small enough pieces they are able ...
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Chris Bullock May 25, 2012
Oh darn, i wanted to coat my car with diamonds this weekend!
Brendan Bell May 25, 2012
So that's what Kesha drives!
John M Weishahn May 25, 2012
Rapper's delight.
rahp May 25, 2012
that won't stop them from charging a lot for the paint!!
rahp May 25, 2012
the only diamonds that are expensive are the perfect ones, drill bit diamonds are cheap. they would just grind up the cheap ones to make a sparkly not like gold dust.
rahp May 25, 2012
the diamond won't scratch but the binders that make up the rest of the paint sure can.
Melvin Cerrillo May 25, 2012
that would add to the price. Paint that never scratches
Thibault Leroy May 25, 2012
yea u cant scrach diamonds, if it scraches that means its fake
John Serely May 25, 2012
I can't wait to see this on a real car. It may actually be kinda cool
Quinn Conner May 25, 2012
Diamonds scratch? That's new to me
Matthew Reindorp May 25, 2012
Yes sir. Now about that scratch... We'll need £3m to fix it please
Hank Austin May 26, 2012
For some reason I think this would look good on a Mercedes...