Comments - 450hp BMW 335i Coupe by Alpha-N Performance

Published: May 25, 2012
Description: The difference between a standard 335i Coupe and a M3 Coupe is well over 100 horses. But if you employ the services of Alpha-N Performance you could soon be driving away in a BMW 335i more powerful th...
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Description: Alpha-N Performance combined that boost in power with a substantial weight reduction of 250kg courtesy of a host of ultra-light carbon components. These include a new front bumper, adjustable spoiler,...
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Gray Conron Mar 20, 2013
Major contradiction here. This one doesn't have halo lights hinting its pre 2011 but it also has e gear tranny meaning 2011+ 335is which has halos....,,
Tanner Middleton May 26, 2012
love the whole kit so fresh
SupaDupaMe May 25, 2012
Yeah... This is a nice and clean tune up... Nice
Janak Solanki May 25, 2012
Ahh very clean. I like
Nevzat Erboy May 25, 2012
Best modified 3-series by far.
Grant Boshart May 25, 2012
Diggin it! Not a huge BMW fan but I really like this
Nick Sti May 26, 2012
Yeah lose the wing
Patrick Joseph May 25, 2012
Side skirts look gigantic. What the hell.
John Serely May 25, 2012
They could have used a better spoiler IMO
Karl Enemark Jun 19, 2012
Managed to turn a pretty M3 into something nearly as ugly as an ISF.
Tanner Middleton May 26, 2012
this looks soo pissed
Patrick Joseph May 25, 2012
It's worse. Not better.
John Serely May 25, 2012
Put the BMW badge back on an it will looks better
Peter Winter May 25, 2012
Those side skirts are hideous
Nevzat Erboy May 25, 2012
Dish of the day.
John Serely May 25, 2012
Why so they feel the need to put stickers on? It makes them look worse
Adithya Chandrasekhar May 26, 2012
Negative camber ftw!
Aislin Cooper May 25, 2012
Yeah idk about that
Janak Solanki May 25, 2012
This thing looks like it will eat a Porsche
Mike van Varik May 25, 2012
Too deep for my liking ( that's what she said ) but hey , some people prefer that :)
Tin Nguyen May 25, 2012
I'll take those rims