Posted on: May 25, 2012
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450hp BMW 335i Coupe by Alpha-N Performance

A significant bump in power is coupled with a lightweight carbon body kit.
The difference between a standard 335i Coupe and a M3 Coupe is well over 100 horses. But if you employ the services of Alpha-N Performance you could soon be driving away in a BMW 335i more powerful than most M3s on the road. The tuner has managed to generate an additional 150hp from the Coupe's 3.0-liter inline-six engine by fitting bigger turbochargers, reprogramming the ECU, and adding a brand-new exhaust system & enlarged air-to-air intercooler.
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Alpha-N Performance combined that boost in power with a substantial weight reduction of 250kg courtesy of a host of ultra-light carbon components. These include a new front bumper, adjustable spoiler, large rear diffuser, a new trunk lid with spoiler lip, and a massive rear wing. Rounding off the exterior changes is a new set of 19-inch alloys combined with a MAC high-performance braking system. Inside, the tuning outfit added Recaro Pole Position carbon seats with full belt safety harness, a steel roll cage and a performance steering wheel. The rest of the interior has been gutted in order to keep the weight down.

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by Adam Lynton
450hp BMW 335i Coupe by Alpha-N Performance
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