Description: Renault has been teasing their Alpine Concept all week long and we were waiting with bated breath for its debut this coming Friday. The Renault Alpine Concept has been leaked early and this might be t...
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Jerry Cole May 24, 2012
400hp is ample enough
Joe Fats Harper May 24, 2012
It's gonna be similar to Lotus.. Light, but not a ton of power
Joe Walchshauser May 24, 2012
Needs about 600 more horsepower
Description: The lightweight concept will make its official debut tomorrow at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in the Principality of Monaco. Until it does, enjoy the leaked gallery of the Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept b...
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Al Lindsay May 24, 2012
Brandon, not in Monaco, Thursday is practice day. Friday is always a day off, bank holiday or some such
Brandon Lidy May 24, 2012
They do practice on Fridays
Chris Penza May 24, 2012
The Monaco grand prix is Sunday
Emil Kleijsen May 28, 2012
There isn't? let me help you, it looks like the DeZir concept
Trent Griffin May 25, 2012
Not one "looks like" comment...brilliant!
Dave Lewis May 25, 2012
just proves the French cannot design our make sports cars! absolutely the worst car I've seen in years.
Nav Sidhu May 24, 2012
Not bad in terms of overall styling but front Grill needs to be improved then it would be sick
Thomas Messina May 24, 2012
The one loop in the front should go and the orange to black. Then it'd be awesome. Great work
Travis Lane May 24, 2012
This is one of the most unique cars I have ever seen. Very, very cool looking.
Timothy Hooker May 24, 2012
Way too busy in the front. Calm it down a bit
Christoffer Wassberg May 24, 2012
I dont like the front bumber or color other wise it alright
Retrospekt May 24, 2012
It looks organic, however that's not a complaint in this case.
Anthony Minicozzi May 24, 2012
how stupid can you make a car look?! this is awefull
Max Waite May 24, 2012
I really don't like the two nostrils but other than that it's sexy
Hektor Yberg May 24, 2012
Actually don't like it
Matt Piccolo May 24, 2012
Different but cool
statusone May 25, 2012
finally a supercar that doesnt look like any other supercar. im sick of all these ultimate aeros and other knockoffs
Tin Nguyen May 24, 2012
Very hotwheelish but cool
James Patrick Delaney May 24, 2012
I'd pick a different colour scheme, but I think it looks awesome, and not like any other car right now. Well done Renault
Anthony Minicozzi May 24, 2012
its still a big bay for a 6
Ghee Buttersnaps May 24, 2012
Sick! US probably won't get it, though:(
Igor Natsioks May 24, 2012
Yup, I got to the last pics it's a rear engine
Igor Natsioks May 24, 2012
I would bet the engine is in the rear/mid. Roof scoop is the intake...
Anthony Minicozzi May 24, 2012
that engine bay is huge! and they put a v6...retards
Rudolf Dassler May 24, 2012
Oh god, it's hideous...
Cody Andree May 24, 2012
It's a hook to tow it with
Bradley Swfc Wainwright May 24, 2012
Wats the red floating thing near bumper
Zachary Sindelar May 24, 2012
This is so amazing! I want one!
Chris Penza May 24, 2012
Futuristic, yet not overdone. I like it
Jordan Montera May 24, 2012
I like the tow hook!
drew May 25, 2012
it looks like it has a major door ding
Jordan Clegg May 24, 2012
The back is a Lamborghini but the front is definitely new.
Dillon Dixon May 24, 2012
One of the few concepts that look street ready. I freaking love this thing! I would be very impressed if they go through with this.
Jeremy Siebert May 24, 2012
@Alex, the two cars having a baby joke was almost funny in 1994. You probably need to visit an eye doctor if this really looks like either of those to you
Tracy Keiser Dron May 24, 2012
I see an ugly ass dent in the door that somebody tried to pull out but never finished...
Forrest T. Poulin May 24, 2012
Let's see it in black
Alex Velez May 24, 2012
Nice looking car
Alex Velez May 24, 2012
It looks like a murcelago and a Elise had a baby
Zach Pate May 24, 2012
@axel I was just about to comment the same
Axel Cousins May 24, 2012
I see an Audi R8 in the design
Trent Griffin May 25, 2012
How is this Lamborghini?
Kev Berkel May 25, 2012
Sexy. Renault hit a home run with this thing
Dillon Dixon May 24, 2012
Wow, it's so clean. This thing is dang near perfect!
Tyson Broadbent May 24, 2012
Dat ass is amazing!
Cham Khiev May 24, 2012
Power to weight ratio dude
wfdowns May 24, 2012
400hp in a car that dont weigh much is alot
Scott Kennedy May 24, 2012
That's weird. A engine that's not very powerful for such a gt3 esque interior
David Pires-Ihsaan May 24, 2012
looks like a dd to me!
Dillon Dixon May 24, 2012
Who would ever think Renault when you see this pic. This is sweet!
Tracy Keiser Dron May 24, 2012
God forbid you bend one... Have to replace all tubes!!
Carlton Salmon May 24, 2012
@ Nevzat. Mid-engine is also a break with tradition as all previous fast Alpine Renault road cars have been rear-engined à la Porsche 911.
Nevzat Erboy May 24, 2012
Talk about being mid engine! Amazing