Comments - New BMW M3 Bringing Back the Inline Six Engine

Published: May 24, 2012
Description: It has finally been announced that the next-gen BMW M3 will be powered by an inline 6 cylinder engine as we expected. President of BMW North America, Ludwig Willisch, officially confirmed the news tha...
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Alex Arvanitis May 24, 2012
Much better. I6>v6
Description: To make it more powerful than the current M3, the new six-cylinder powerplant will have to come with at least two turbochargers. A tri-turbo setup perhaps with one or more electric turbos is also a po...
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Alex Arvanitis May 24, 2012
They have the resources to figure it out. Innovators always look beyond the current conditions to see where the market or consumer base will go in the future. BMW are masters of this chess game so to speak. Their ttv8 descissions will do so as well.
Lou Guerrero May 24, 2012
I'm sure they can. They've been pouring focus on being efficient and powerful these days.
Kenneth Williams May 24, 2012
I'm sure BMW has the resources to pull it off but i dont know. I don't see how its gonna be beneficial when compared to the negatives of having to have the heavy duty electric system and battery to cover it and the cost of R&D. I wouldn't want it
Ryan Delano Thomas May 26, 2012
I will always love this car
Steven Velez May 26, 2012
i think the 95 & 97 e36 m3 looked best, in a sense where it had a much better look to it, especially its sedan
Jordan Smith May 24, 2012
My friend's dad has an M3 sedan like this. I personally like the C63 more but this car has a great engine note.
Chris Penza May 24, 2012
Yeah my bad. I forgot there was an m3 sedan
Alex Arvanitis May 24, 2012
It's the m3, check the hood and skirts/bumpers/valance. I love these, just wish it had a motor similar to the 6.3 Benz... That motor is so sexy and torquey. I like these style wise over the c63 but both are very appreciable for different reasons
Chris Penza May 24, 2012
This is a 330i not an m4
Michael Davidson May 24, 2012
I had one come into my work the other day, and it looks soooo nice.
Riku Herukka May 24, 2012
I don't like this sedan version, but coupe version is awesome.
inflyte21 May 24, 2012
only dislikes with this style is the rear valance. otherwise beautiful machinery
Dillon Dixon May 24, 2012
Bleh. There's no style at all.
Alex Bouckley May 24, 2012
I prefer the RS5 but after the facelift the Beemer will probably be amazing
Carlton Salmon May 24, 2012
I love the way it looks like a bodybuilder in a Savile Row suit.
Alex Arvanitis May 24, 2012
Ya def an m3. Exhaust, mirrors, fender vents, etc
Micah Lau May 25, 2012
A Google search on "Leith" brings up Leith BMW real quick.
Chris Penza May 24, 2012
Someone understood black Honda. I think we have found god...
Zeus Mocha May 24, 2012
Kudos to you for understanding that lol
Stephen Reed Warren II May 24, 2012
Leith is the name of the dealership he saw that at. Leith BMW.
Tim Preisinger May 24, 2012
I wanna say take it easy on the guy... But I also have no idea what he means to say...
Carlton Salmon May 24, 2012
@ Black Honda. What does 'leith' mean? I'm trying to put it into some kind of context.
Zeus Mocha May 24, 2012
Hmm I give up. I'm stuck at "leith."
Peter Papen May 24, 2012
I love to try and figure out what u could possibly mean with ur comments :D At some point u should learn English tho.. :P
Black Honda May 24, 2012
I has saw that bmw M3 leith be price $48,800.00 to $63,400.00 are more horsepower m3 the leith bmw. maybe tune engine tubro inside.
Korli Jorlk May 24, 2012
Don't like the 4 doors version
Alex Semaan May 24, 2012
It's a nice car, but the back looks like the back of a focus from this angle.
Matt Piccolo May 24, 2012
Such a nice car!