Comments - Chris Harris Shows Off His Own 1986 E28 M5 Sedan

Published: May 24, 2012
Description: With the M Division celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Chris Harris has plans to get behind the wheel of their best productions, starting with his very own 1986 E28 M5 Sedan.
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Patrick Joseph May 25, 2012
Kenneth. I would prefer an e30 indeed. But having worked at BMW I know very well how hard it is to keep such a car in good condition. The parts are difficult to obtain. And I don't like aftermarket parts. That's the only thing that bugs me.
Paul Lissona May 25, 2012
Yah haha, I like i6 bmws best anyway. Right now I'd like maybe an e36 cause only a friend's had one not me yet.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 25, 2012
Great car but not my fave M5
Kenneth Williams May 24, 2012
@patrick, E30!!!
Lou Guerrero May 24, 2012
The E39 is a no brainer for a bigger than 3 series car. One of the best looking lines of a BMW.
Patrick Joseph May 24, 2012
Haha Paul. The e38 is a boat I know. I bet you miss the e39 though. I really love that car. I'm thinking of buying one. I can't make my mind up yet. I also consider an e46 or e30. I'm taking my time cause I wanna buy the right one. I'm really picky.
Janak Solanki May 24, 2012
I like how on this video how Chris loves his older Bmw. I have an 05 jet black 330i with almost 145k on it and it still looks and rides like an absolute beast. I love it more and more every day.
Paul Lissona May 24, 2012
I've had an e39 and e38 didn't like the 740il too big. Mom had an e39 also, sister e46 uncle e46. We've liked our bmws more than any brand as they are very addictive.
Logan LeMonnier May 24, 2012
Wow I want this car even if it's not an m series. I just love the looks
chikenbag May 24, 2012
that's why i love my e39;)
Lou Guerrero May 24, 2012
Good car. Notice how he can put it where he wants. Right at the apex, right at the edge to kick up the dirt for those fantastic exits. Rock on Chris.
Kenneth Williams May 24, 2012
His looks immaculate. Funny thing is some people don't realize the value in them and sell them for cheap with few problems. I'll never sell my E30. I'm in love with that car. Not as much as my first one though. I miss that one
Carlton Salmon May 24, 2012
I'm just as in love with my E24 M6 as Monkey is with his E28 M5. Couldn't imagine life without it after 19 years ownership and, like the M5, they are getting rarer and sharply rising in value. If you can find one of either of these, buy and keep it.
Carlton Salmon May 24, 2012
I've been fortunate to have driven an M5 that looks almost identical to this one, but had been uprated by Hartge and putting out around 320bhp. Fantastic car and one of only six UK spec models.
Ryan Ortegas May 24, 2012
Great car! Thanks for sharing.
Description: We all know he's passionate about most cars, but never has he been so emotional than when talking about his pride and joy.
At launch in 1984/85, claimed performance was 0-62mph in 6.1 seco...
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Jason Ofhorrormoviefame May 24, 2012
Same size engine and hp as the outgoing 350z
Bright Spark May 24, 2012
Lol That's still faster then my 330ci lmao
Paul Lissona Sep 19, 2012
We have a black 1987 e28 528e.
Alex Bouckley May 24, 2012
I love my 2007 M5. It is one of the most useful cars in the world... For drifting