Comments - Buick Regal GS Clocked at a Sizzling 162 mph

Published: May 24, 2012
Description: The next time you find out grandpa or grandma is in the market for a new Buick; make sure you mention the Buick Regal GS. According to General Motors, the Regal GS is officially the fastest Buick eve...
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Andrew Grimm May 27, 2012
But when would you ever go 160 in it?
Ben Mossing May 25, 2012
Because the stock tires would rupture at over 140mph
Brandon Whybrew May 24, 2012
why would you waste your time putting race tires on a stock suv?
Ben Mossing May 24, 2012
And yes I know I misspelled it
Ben Mossing May 24, 2012
It's true I've only been 113mpglh but mom mom has a ceyenne s that with race tires goes 160
Patrick Schalk May 24, 2012
I think the SRT8 Grand Cherokee actually tops out around 164.
Cody Andree May 24, 2012
Ben I'd bet money you've never even been 120 meanwhile 162. Haha that's fast
wfdowns May 24, 2012
if your gonna be a smart ass at least do it rite
Andrew Grimm May 24, 2012
Yea. Right. An SUV going 160mph..... Sure.
Ben Mossing May 24, 2012
Wow... 162... That's about as fast AS MY MOMS SUV!!!!
Joshua Caleb Locke May 24, 2012
It's only achieved this due to computer limiters in previous years. My 98 GS hit 144 in Germany once I got a computer without a limiter. My 86 GN was limited to 120, and I would still line either of those "old" Buicks against the new GS which will blow it away 0-60 and 1/4 mile.
Phillip Holbrook May 24, 2012
I love The new GS, but let's face it, fastest Buick of all time isn't a hard accolade to achieve. :)
Description: Even though the event revolves around a driver finishing the course in a pre-set time, it does have a flat-out phase which the Regal GS took full advantage of and hit the 162 miles per hour mark.
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Kyle McCullough Jun 12, 2012
The insignia opc should come here as a regal GSX
Abraham Mendoza May 24, 2012
Actually Phillip, this car is front wheel drive and has a turbo 4 with about 250 hp, the Vauxhall Insignia has a Bi Turbo V6 with all wheel drive. I hear that car could come here...
wfdowns May 24, 2012
bs corolla are some of the ugliest cars out, the buick actually looks nice
Anthony Minicozzi May 24, 2012
@mark the regal is actually good looking and a camry is a camry. What do u drive?
Cody Andree May 24, 2012
It's quite a bit nicer than a corolla. Comon
Mark A. Young May 24, 2012
What's the point.. The Regal is about as boring looking as a Toyota corolla.
wfdowns May 24, 2012
hell yea we do i like the astras looks
Matt Piccolo May 24, 2012
I don't know it could reach over 140 in all honesty
Phillip Holbrook May 24, 2012
Hello Opel/Buick connection. Funny fact, the Opel model this is based on makes over 300 horses, so theres a lot of room to improve that engine. Now if we could just get that Astra with the right engine over here.
Matt White May 24, 2012
That's impressive.
Avery Williams May 24, 2012
Wow, didn't even know it could reach 162 mph.
wfdowns May 24, 2012
thats good old german enginering rite there
Anthony Minicozzi May 24, 2012
@tony i know its crazy
Julian Pilinci May 24, 2012
Next time I see a grandpa driving a GS I'll make sure I keep on the right lol
Description: The Regal GS piloted by Rietow and Townsend was a stock 2012 model, with modifications limited to safety equipment such as a roll hoop and five-point harness seat belts as well as data collection comp...
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Zachary Maurer May 24, 2012
Well under 65? What, is this the mid life crisis mobile, lololololol jk
wfdowns May 24, 2012
threw german and american enginering
Chris Thomas May 24, 2012
Fairy dust ... Lol
Matty Michaels May 24, 2012
@David how else do you think it got to 162?
David Cho May 24, 2012
If this is ricer logic all those stickers add at least 100hp lol