Description: The Honda S2000 is a favorite of the CarBuzz team and its 240hp naturally aspirated inline-4 is a thing of beauty. French magazine Motorsport has brought it back and pitted it against the new 2013 Sub...
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Shane Conner May 23, 2012
The earlier AP1 s2000 was, 2.0L. The later years had 2.2L
Joel Hope May 23, 2012
Guy in next page posted what I said already
Joel Hope May 23, 2012
Wasn't the f22 the highest HP production 4cyl in the world for a while?
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
Alot of owners that auto cross the car keep it stock. When I was stock I was in the same class as corvettes just because the handling is so good. Drag race I would lose being stock but Honda built it as a track car not for drag.
Snookhansen May 23, 2012
That's Kind of sad....give the damn car more stock power it would be a great car worth the money but as of now I see spending more money on after market shit than the car ous actually worth.
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
Mine is a 2001 and it had 105,000 miles on it at the time when it did 189 to the wheels stock.
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
189HP to the wheels on the AP1 s2000 is normal. That's what I dyno'd.
Cham Khiev May 23, 2012
Not 240 to the wheels guys.. Its more like 200 to the wheels
Jerry Cole May 23, 2012
thats an AP2, so im guessin that after nine years that it hasnt lost any more than 20 hp..
P_R_N_D May 23, 2012
What they're trying to say is the S2K is older so it has lost some HP over the years. It won't have 240HP any more.
Christo Savaides May 23, 2012
90lb isn't going to matter when the other car has forty more horses. Come on now.
Description: It's not Tuesday, but this is a drag race that we just couldn't wait almost a week to show. Check out the Honda S2000 against the 2013 Subaru BRZ on the drag strip in the clip below and let ...
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Jose Rodriguez Jun 19, 2012
Put 240 on that brz and keep the s2000 the same ... S2000 still win ! Vtec !!!
Harry Collins May 31, 2012
@Das Stig Yeah its 2005 ap2 s2000 and the 2 cupholders are under the aluminum panel on the center console but just as useless as in my bmw e46
Dale Fredriks May 25, 2012 of the best bang for your buck convertibles you can buy.
Dale Fredriks May 25, 2012
@Graham Those of us who arent only about POWERRRR (get it?) would say that the s2k isn't meant for straight line speed and acceleration. It's made for fun with handling in mind, just like an MX5. All in all, the s2k was essentially a perfect car and
Shane Conner May 24, 2012
Wfdowns is right, Honda doesn't make it anymore because they made it for their 50 year anniversary and only planned on it being a limited production car.
Vincent Butler May 24, 2012
Vtec is just amazing.
Eric Michalak May 24, 2012
Would have liked to hear more engine and less crappy music.
Eric Michalak May 24, 2012
That S2000 looks exactly like mine. Can't think of anything I would rather have.
Jamie Perigo May 24, 2012
Ouch. A non turbo subie is a disgrace
wfdowns May 24, 2012
putting a v8 in either of them would ruin what makes them great, there about balance not power, takes skill to make them go fast, like previously stated both cars are out of there element, there track cars not drag cars, and s2k isnt around anymore because it was a limited production car for there anniversary
Graham Browne May 24, 2012
Put a V8 in either and you would have a good car. Your average hot hatch would eat these too, hell a 90's hot hatch would leave them for dead.
Mikey Jimenez May 24, 2012
V-TECH BLOWS!!! haha *trolling hard
Evan Wolfe May 24, 2012
Exactly why the GT86 doesn't have loads of horsepower because it's a driver's car like the miata & can still take you & friends around town & even to the grocery store! It's an all-in-one package driver's car... It is a little overpriced
Abraham Mendoza May 24, 2012
I really have no clue, but there isn't a good enough reason in the world.
Trent Griffin May 24, 2012
Ok explain to me again why they no longer make the S2000?
wfdowns May 24, 2012
its technically a roadster just like the s2000 but all 3 are sports cars and thats what they were built as, the gt86 is just the spiritual succesor to the ae86, mechanically it was built around the boxer engine and the principle of the originall ae86 witch was a light weight car with modest power, the looks were designed using ques from multiple generations of toyota sports cars. car is not a groc...
Evan Wolfe May 23, 2012
@wfdowns well isn't the miata a driver's car?
Mikey Wittersheim May 23, 2012
No surprise that the BRZ lost. The BRZ is made to be a fun driving car. If you want a faster car then the STI is the way to go.
Jose Rodriguez May 23, 2012
That's right! Vtec!
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
15's is slow for what the s2000 cost new, but remember that's not what Honda built it for.
wfdowns May 23, 2012
yea evan except both subaru and toyota stated the car was designed as a drivers car aka a sports car, everything in the car was a compromise for perfect balance
Tanton Stoneman May 23, 2012
Given a choice between the two, I'd rather have the S2000.
Jeremy Chambers May 23, 2012
Remember this test was done in France. That initial lead from the Subaru would be about equal with the 2.2L.
Jeremy Chambers May 23, 2012
To someone questioning the 9K rev limit on an AP2. Not all AP2, received the 2.2L treatment, a lot of other countries retained the original 2.0L motor for several years. I believe only US/Canadian spec motors received the engine update in '04.
Daniel Zammit May 23, 2012
15 is not a good 1/4 time anymore....
Evan Wolfe May 23, 2012
Both good cars. Main difference is that the S2000 is a true sports car while the new Hachiroku (BRZ, 86, GT-86, FR-S) is more of a daily grocery getter & is based of the 1983-1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin AE86
Joel Hope May 23, 2012
You spelled it vtech? Gtfo you could at least spell VTEC right. Even if my spelling is bad that's just making fun of Hondas spelling it vtech. Unless auto correct did that...
Das Stig May 23, 2012
I think my.brorher just had a weird one then because I'm sure there aren't any cup holders.
Aaron Weslow May 23, 2012
Who cares when they run 15s? A new 4runner can do that.
Jessica Drake May 23, 2012
Power of the V-tech. That's why my prelude kicks ass
Kyryl Martynov May 23, 2012
Id get the s2 and dump the difference into new brakes/suspension/wheels/ecu. fun dd and amazing on the track!
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
I really doubt the Subaru is an auto. Wouldn't be a fair comparison and I wouldn't think the Subaru would be able to spin its tires at the start.
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
The video is a ap2, 2.2L 237Hp at engine with 8,000 redline.
Matt Piccolo May 23, 2012
Wait a sec, the s2k has a 9k redline but it looks like an ap2??? The ap2's have an 8k redline since they have the 2.2L instead of the 2L... The ap1 has the 9k redline but that doesn't look like one?
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
Chris m, why is it embarrassing? Drag racing is all math. Knowing the HP and the weight of the car you can figure out closely what the car will pull. Every 100 pounds of weight you remove from your car will net you about a tenth of a second too.
Shane Conner May 23, 2012
Adam Page, having no roof actually makes the car heavier. Auto companies have to make the car stronger for crashes because there is no roof. Drag racers will prefer the non convertible cars because they are lighter.
Jeremy Chambers May 23, 2012
I have an '04 AP2 S2000, has 119k miles on it now and I'm still loving it. Thinking about getting a BRZ as well. In regards to AP1 having cup holders, they actually do. It's a single cup holder located in front of the gear shifter, it flips open.
Abraham Mendoza May 23, 2012
I would really like to own a S2000, they seem like fun little cars.
Das Stig May 23, 2012
harry, do you have an ap2? My brother has an ap1 and there are none in there. I drive it a lot because we trade cars every so often. I'm just asking because I don't know if they added them in or not or if his is just a weird one.
Daniel Picha May 23, 2012
Honda all day son! Hahaha
Adam Page May 23, 2012
I would like to see them around a track. Not having a roof lightens the car but it makes the car less rigid...
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller May 23, 2012
Both cars are out of their element. They where built for handling, not drag racing.
James Patrick Delaney May 23, 2012
I might be alone on this one but I think the brz is a sorry excuse for a subaru
No Pistons May 23, 2012
Look up lap times instead of assuming.
Johnny Hoover May 23, 2012
Cr s2000 is 10lbs lighter and I bet it would whoop a brz or rx8 on any circuit
Johnny Hoover May 23, 2012
So just buy a s2k my favorite car I have ever owned but we will see once I get an ssk for my m3
Zachary Maurer May 23, 2012
Gotta love the 9,000 rpm rev limit
Tin Nguyen May 23, 2012
Would take the s2k over the new subaru any day.
Harry Collins May 23, 2012
@ Das Stig Just wanted to let you know I have an S2000 and it actually does have cup holders but I don't use them becuase theyvget in the way of the shifter!
No Pistons May 23, 2012
I want to see an rx8 vs brz around legua seca. I say 8 because 1. That's what I drive lol and 2. It's faster then the s2k the track and they are both built on the purpose of handling first.
Ceren Yıldız May 23, 2012
Nothing unexpected :)
quadrophine May 23, 2012
s2k is a serious machine. at the time the highest hp per liter for a na motor. love driving those little things.
Alex Arvanitis May 23, 2012
S2k would dominate on the track. Much more capable car. 90lbs extra in all the right places with 40 more hp is better than a lighter car with much less power. The miata was way slower than the s2k; and for the same reasons. Ls2 s2k swaps ftmfw!
Das Stig May 23, 2012
I think the s2k would win on the track too. it was Honda's 50th anniversary car and you can tell when you get behind the wheel that they poured their heart and soul into it. theres no cup holders, there's a thing that covers up the radio so your. not distracted while driving. it is essentially a steering wheel and a gear lever.
Sam Oglesby May 23, 2012
S2ks are awesome and I can't believe the brz is that slow
Domi Bsaibes May 23, 2012
I'm sorry but i'd still prefer to buy a 2013 car at basically the same price as a 2008 s2000. I'm curious to see how both perform on a track though
Kevin Rehbock May 23, 2012
Of course the car with 40 more horses and slightly shorter gearing will win. And they used an automatic BRZ for that race, WTF?
Justin Routh May 23, 2012
Older* the s2k is by no means old
Chris M May 23, 2012
I think a new car loosing to an s2000 is embarrassing!
Justin Routh May 23, 2012
Haha brz had the start then the s2k walked. Kinda sad they cant beat an old car
Justin Chaplin May 23, 2012
This really doesn't matter because so many people are just waiting to get their paws on this brz and fr-s and you're better know that people are gonna be dumping out there pockets into them...there gonna be everywhere which is kinda sad and kinda not for me because I want one but I hate having a car that the person next to me is bound to have it happens with the camaro and the mustangs everyday he...
Jeremy E. Rogers May 24, 2012
I like both cars. I wish they would do a little more with the BRZ like a BRZ STI or a more high performing low cost car.