Comments - Spied: Volkswagen Golf GTI Lapping the Nurburgring

Published: May 23, 2012
Description: We last spied the seventh-generation VW Golf back in February when it was undergoing the requisite winter testing. Things are obviously coming along nicely as this time round the new VW Golf GTI was o...
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Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
my name is right there no need for mr. canadian. and prices vary from country to country, keen sight.
Joe Fats Harper May 23, 2012
Well Mr. Canadian, here in 'merica the GTI is $23,995..
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
im in canada on the site right now and it says 32'999$. your argument is invalid
Patrick Joseph May 23, 2012
It's not overpriced. If you take a normal golf and add all the bits that makes a Gti a gti you'll realize it's a he'll of a good package. Saves you tons.
Zachary Maurer May 23, 2012
Anthony... Stop while your behind...
Antonio Falsetti May 23, 2012
I wish it had a bigger motor and more power. For 25k you could get a wrx that would kill this car. I like the gti but it is over priced.
wfdowns May 23, 2012
no a gti starts at 23.999 a golf r starts at 34. there is a big difference
Shaun Conroy May 23, 2012
This car is mere perfection, but I wish I could afford a new one.
wfdowns May 23, 2012
how in th world is 24k over priced especially for something like this
Devin Babyn May 23, 2012
When your car has been the benchmark forever it's hard to overprice it
Ori Haviv May 23, 2012
It's not overpriced. It's quality
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
its probably gonna be overpriced like it always is
Bob Turefannt May 23, 2012
What's with all the camo? We all know it's going to look practically the same.
Description: Noticeable difference between the GTI and the previous Golf prototypes are larger alloys wrapped with beefier tires, a lowered body and the side skirts. Lapping the 'Ring was a five-door, but VW ...
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Description: We can thus expect somewhere in the region of 220-230hp instead of the 207hp the 2012 GTI manages. More power and a lighter body will translate into better acceleration and more speed. A six-speed man...
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Kai Andrew Carlson May 23, 2012
Ok so my next vw has possibly changed from an Eco based view with the tdi to this.
Joe Fats Harper May 23, 2012
Nice little power update
Joe Fats Harper May 23, 2012
No, it won't add much weight it's a lightweight plastic. As for aerodynamics, it won't have enough of an affect to make a difference, and they do aerodynamics testing earlier in a lab
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
isint that material adding more weight and messing the aerodynamics up?
chikenbag May 23, 2012
hmm, looks bigger, but it's lighter... I'm cool with that.
Kai Andrew Carlson May 23, 2012
It's the 5 door.
Frederick Perez May 23, 2012
Hmm could be the camo but it looks like a minivan not hatchback?