Description: Russian tuner Armortech has built a stretched XL package for the long-wheel based BMW 760 Li and High Security models. Dubbed the BMW 760 XLi, the new 5.21-meter version offers the rear passengers up...
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Thibault Leroy May 23, 2012
wow that is heavy
David Pires-Ihsaan May 23, 2012
i saw a pair of s-class limos in my town..
Carlos Ernesto Garcia May 23, 2012
10,000 lbs. I guuess it must have lost its bmw handling lol
Description: It can be found in the doors, roof, pillars, front footwell, and in the separation wall between the passenger and luggage compartment. Despite all that weight, it still manages a top speed of 130mph a...
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Scotty Gee May 24, 2012
"Russian Chinese"? What the?! Should there be an "and" in-between those two?
Ryan Ortegas May 23, 2012
2 B-pillars?? Looks dumb, and headliner looks like it came out of an 87 Lincoln...... By the way, 12cylinders should be able to achieve 130mph with a 4k lb curb weight!
Mike Ross May 23, 2012
@zaire people who will buy this probably have their own oil companies
Domi Bsaibes May 23, 2012
Who cares about fuel mileage when it's carrying someone as much important
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
maybe it should have been a hybrid with at least 580hp 760 torque 30/36 mpg
Matt Martir May 23, 2012
You better have one hell of a driver to handle this thing. Speed PLUS added weight? I cant even imagine trying to take a corner at a decent speed without sliding all over
Harleigh Savanna Border May 23, 2012
Does it come with the machine guns?
Domi Bsaibes May 23, 2012
4000 kg vehicule that blasts from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds making it out of an instant battlefield harmless! I want one!
Oliver McIntosh Feb 22, 2013
xD but look at the size of the front doors.
Oliver McIntosh Feb 22, 2013
This is about as Russian as it gets.
Alex Vasquez Jul 16, 2012
There was another one that was a production vehicle in the 90s
Evan Thicke May 30, 2012
Useless, but classy
Ben Norton May 23, 2012
It looks cheap and poorly made with the gap in the middle
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
@adham it could also be hydraulics so tht the car doesnt get stuck with someone important in it.
Thibault Leroy May 23, 2012
and long (yea i know that doesnt sound right XD)
Ryan Delano Thomas May 26, 2012
Would love a Pullman setup with two sets of seats
Alex Eaton May 24, 2012
U wouldnt see the tv's that far away
Bob Turefannt May 23, 2012
In the 7 series there is just so much rear leg room.
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
would love to take this from new york to california
Joe Fats Harper May 23, 2012
Luxury tank... I want one
Inderjot Sidhu May 23, 2012
And I thought it was already big enough. This one makes mine look like a 3 series on the inside lol.
Mike van Varik May 23, 2012
Jesus that's a lot of space!!
Ghaith AL-sharari May 23, 2012
That looks comfy
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 23, 2012
Pointless tables, because you can't even reach them!
Theviper007 May 28, 2012
Pillows jusr in case
Eric Michalak May 24, 2012
I want a car with little pillows.
Mike Ross May 23, 2012
More to silence a gun
AM Odessit May 23, 2012
Bullet prove pillow
Axel Cousins May 23, 2012
I would love that car. But those pillows might have ninja stars or might be grenades with a soft comfortable look
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
@gianni its incase you want to jump out the window to catch a racoon and eat it
Gianni Vega May 23, 2012
What's the point of all this armor and roll down windows?
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
i think its water proof also
David Munasinghe May 23, 2012
That's some seriously thick glass.
Mike van Varik May 23, 2012
Do you want some metal around your 2 inch thick glass? We call it a door, it's an optional extra though.