Description: Mercedes-Benz is still developing their baby CLS, known as the CLA class. Based on the A-Class, the four-door coupe will share its lineup of engines and should eventually see an AMG version make its w...
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Scott Gracey May 23, 2012
335hp from a turbo 2L, that's impressive
Bob Jones May 23, 2012
Is it FWD or RWD?
Jerry Cole May 23, 2012
coupes aren't always 2drs..
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
and rival some evos & subys
Description: The front-end appears to be reminiscent of the A-Class while the taillights are more pronounced. The Mercedes-Benz CLA will debut later this year, possibly at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The new Merc w...
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Stephen Reed Warren II May 24, 2012
I don't, I think longer cars have more of a presence (and usually are higher end)
Chayton Garverick May 23, 2012
I like how it's not a whale (long)
John Serely May 23, 2012
Relax Justin! They are just voicing their opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. You are the one bitching lol
Avery Williams May 23, 2012
Essentially, it's just a smaller CLS, right?
Justin Chaplin May 23, 2012
And I should have said this earlier but I was saying that to Timmy and I agree a two door coupe would be sick
Justin Chaplin May 23, 2012
Shut up...nobody bitches this much about the 1series so let this car do its thing
Timothy Hooker May 23, 2012
back seat is for children and midgets
Jason Brown May 23, 2012
Maybe they should have made it a two door.
Jackson Michael May 23, 2012
That is some lumpy camo
Vincent Gaglioti May 23, 2012
Wouldn't want to sit in the back