Description: The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is coming soon and we have already seen it several times testing on the roads and covered in camouflage. Design champs WildSpeed wasted no time in ripping off the mule&ap...
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Description: In terms of power, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will make use of the previous generation's engine lineup, albeit with the customary tuning for extra power and slightly better efficiency. It will...
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Aislin Cooper May 24, 2012
Are just gonna make the CL the S-Class coupe now?
Ryan Delano Thomas May 26, 2012
Liked the old s class much better
Ghaith AL-sharari May 24, 2012
Sorry the tail lights just don't work for me
Emanual Kimyagarov May 24, 2012
Good looking, especially the back but the front is too heavy, the must to change the front to do something special...
Abraham Mendoza May 24, 2012
Woah that looks so sophisticated, I like it.
Timothy Hooker May 23, 2012
this looks way better than the current. I love the extreme euro look
Bala Uncc May 23, 2012
The designers couldn't be more creative? They just put CL and New CLS together and call S?
Paul Lissona May 23, 2012
I'm not sure if it looks German enough.
Chris Bullock May 23, 2012
I actually really like this
Mike van Varik May 23, 2012
I never liked the old S class back, but Jesus this is even worse.
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
they look ok but not shocking
Ryan Spencer May 23, 2012
Why does the CarBuzz team always praise the newest and decidedly ugliest Mercedes models? I agree w/ Shaun: this looks like a Buick: terrible.
Shaun Conroy May 23, 2012
Hell no. This is Mercedes Benz, not Buick!
David Pires-Ihsaan May 23, 2012
tail lights are almost identical to the cl-class
Craig Lafey May 23, 2012
Yea those tail lights don't say Mercedes. They look like you'll see them on a Hyundai.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green May 23, 2012
Reminds me of a bentley
Andy Agus May 23, 2012
Tail lights are tiny!
Thibault Leroy May 23, 2012
the tail lights look outdated to me
Anthony Minicozzi May 23, 2012
i love the tail lights
Grant McHendry Jul 01, 2012
I love the air intakes.
Ryan Delano Thomas May 26, 2012
• or the Buick regal in america
Ryan Delano Thomas May 26, 2012
The front end reminds me of an Opel insignia
Stephen Reed Warren II May 24, 2012
Lower end Mercedes **** butchered that comment
Stephen Reed Warren II May 24, 2012
S classes**** damn autocorrect
Stephen Reed Warren II May 24, 2012
A classes shouldn't be "smaller and sporty" - they are about style, class, and sophistication - which the previous S class had in spades. I agree, this looks more like the lower end Mercedes S class.
Ghaith AL-sharari May 24, 2012
Look at the license plate benzboost
Nick El-Khoury May 24, 2012
Wtf is this? It looks overweight. I really hope it retains the sleek, elegant look of every S-Class to come before it.
Hank Austin May 23, 2012
And it looks too good... The S class now is sorta boring at first glance, which makes it discrete... This just isn't... And as this is just a rendering I doubt this will happen... This is probably more like that new cheap 4-door coupe they're launching
Hank Austin May 23, 2012
I'm not gonna say its ugly but it looks too much like a lower model Mercedes to me... The only other car that has headlights like that (other than the new SL) is the A class... It looks too much like their cheaper model cars
Timothy Hooker May 23, 2012
I like it! looks smaller and sportier than the old bloated one
Paul Lissona May 23, 2012
No, Audi looks better.
Mike Ross May 23, 2012
Previously shape was amazing especially the s65 it had such presence. This looks like road kill compared to it
Rudolf Dassler May 23, 2012
I does look like an Insignia!
Zaire Wilkins May 23, 2012
the 2014 E-class has sharp lines and they got rid of the quad headlights
Chinonso Akolam May 23, 2012
The previous model was very athletic and muscular. Like it had something to prove, this model on the other hand is very laid back. Relax , what's the hurry, try my 5 mode massage.
Ryan Spencer May 23, 2012
What is with this company?! I used to think their cars were some of the best looking but, if this rendering is anywhere close to the final design, I think it's safe to say MB is loosing their touch...
Shaun Conroy May 23, 2012
This would work as an E-Class, but the S-Class is the benchmark sedan. No way will it look like this.
Caribbeanenthusiast May 23, 2012
@jerrod that's the proximity sensor. this rendering makes the previous model more classy
RT GE SG May 23, 2012
It doesn't look right even though I normally love them
Majed Ameeri May 23, 2012
The only good looking German saloon is the A8 but because all their cars look the same it makes no sense
Axel Cousins May 23, 2012
I love this car so much. It is the most beautiful cars ever made
Jerrod Swenson May 23, 2012
What's up with the solid patch in the top center of the grill?
Brady Williams May 23, 2012
Relax its Just a rendering
Andy Agus May 23, 2012
Looks like an Audi
gammo66 May 23, 2012
it kinda reminds me a little of a vauxhall insignia
Eddie Nash May 23, 2012
This doesn't look right at all.
Hendrik Reimer May 23, 2012
Loved Mercedes, but this just looks wrong :(
David Munasinghe May 23, 2012
Why are the Germans loosing touch with design.
Stephen Cobbs May 23, 2012
:/ To be honest im not feelin it.
Neskins Aujour May 25, 2012
The back could had been better, but overall the car looks fantastic!
Boris Tsvayner May 24, 2012
This is the exact same angle as the previous picture... How about a side profile shot! I still like the previous 2012 S class design
grant.c May 24, 2012
I know this isn't a sports car but I hope the tail lights will be a little more sporty and big.